A curious case of memory loss

Farooq salutes Yasin, I salute Farooq
A curious case of memory loss
File Photo of Dr Farooq Abdullah

National Conference president Farooq Abdullah salutes JKLFChairman Yasin Malik for "choosing death over bowing before New Delhi".

Well, whether the latter deserves a salute or not is a matter of choice which all can have their own way, but the former does it without argument. The story is not so distant and the date not that old.

It's just yesterday that Yasin Malik as a young boy had a role in democratic politics in 1987 elections. It was a Kashmir of ballots, not bullets when none could foresee the monster of violence knocking at the door. Farooq Abdullah may not have to pressure his memory too much to recall the role he played then.

How ruthlessly were these young boys treated is a pain too fresh to be forgotten too soon. If Farooq salutes Yasin today, he forgets that Yasin is a baby in whose birth Farooq has a credit which none can deny him.

We may not pin down the whole tragedy to one reason and absolve the other actors equally – and in some cases more – responsible for the mess we are in. Bakhshis, Sadiqs, Qasims and Muftis are not a band of saviours who risked their lives to defend their people.

They too have their share in the pain we suffered. But who could forget the root which we are bearing the fruit of. Our victimhood is the legacy of National Conference which was only deepened by those who entered the scene later. 

Yasin Malik represents a collective victimhood of Kashmir.If Farooq Abdullah has suddenly come to realize the value of honor, then howwould he explain the crime in '47, the punishment in '53, the surrender in '75and the doom in '90. The last was the harvest of the seed sown first by you. IfFarooq says Yasin prefers death to surrender, what did Farooq prefer forhimself and what does he prefer now.

Such crowd pulling slogans have been pushed to the limit by his guru in the past. Stoking a liberation sentiment may win you votes, but can't win you the trust you have lost long before you were born.

Serving God and Mammon does have good returns, but serving one at a time is a better deal. Politics sure is the art of manipulation, but manipulations work better without contradicting your own self, your own past. If Yasin is adored for not succumbing, why then you adore those who caved in when it mattered the most. Your statement is not just morally flawed, but principally hollow.


Omar Abdullah wonders how could Mehbooba Mufti swallow the snub Modi hurled at her father. I join Omar.

I too wonder how could the late Mufti stand it. But look who is saying. Recall when a prime minister was snubbed to silence, he settled on a chief minister's chair.

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