A multi-faceted personality

Haji S M Iqbal Bukhari was a torch bearer for thousands of unemployed youth in the valley
A multi-faceted personality
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Er S Gayoor Andrabi

Haji Syed Muhammad Iqbal Bukhari was a prominent businessman, an eminent personality, and a social activist with immense inspiring and motivational power. One of the great qualities of Haji Syed Muhammad Iqbal Bukhari was that he always stood ready to help the needy & down trodden sections of our society irrespective of cast, creed or religion. He was born to provide great services to mankind & to people who are facing number of challenges.

In a number of occasions, people witnessed publicly his conduct; working to improve the social conditions of the people through ethical ways. His life was well organized, and productive. He was advising people with choosing the best of options for proper planning and execution. The main objective of his life was to advocate the idea that people should be concerned about the well being of those who are unable to secure for themselves, and their families. Therefore, he founded FIL Industries for providing lot of private business opportunities to common people, and is known for uplift of unemployed youth in Kashmir.

He was a torch bearer for thousands of unemployed youth in the Valley & a ray of hope for homeless families. He supported unmarried girls of poor families who couldn't afford expenses for their wedding, and tried his best to demolish the dowry system. He advocated against social evils, and was very concerned about the cases of suicides due to lack of resources for marriage. He worked for excellence in all engagements & endeavors. Haji Syed Muhammad Iqbal Bukhari dedicated his life to remove the poverty of the people, & initiated number of campaigns in this direction. He was known to remove injustices; he would always be on the sides of victims.

He was a patient listener. He would always listen to the agony & plight of needy. For this trait, he will be remembered for a long time. He always extended his support to ease the state of crisis and emotional distress to vast majority of people. Hence, Haji Syed Muhammad Iqbal Bhukhari was treated most caring, understanding the issues and best to empower the people in a kind of environment which look comfortable and affordable for the people. He was very popular in social works among all sections of the society known down-to-earth, pious and humble personality. He had delivered every kind of assignment with passion without a single flap of greed and endeavored them with full intention while taking care of all social cooperation and responsibilities.

Haji Syed Muhammad Iqbal Bukhari Sahab was trustworthy, honest, open hearted and morally a great person. In crisis, he was looking to advice and guide people with proper orientation & training even in personal affairs and social matters. He opined his opinions with great weight more than the people trusted him. He had given an unconditional support & love to all kinds of people & was never seen withdrawing his support, even if, things would not be favourable. He was always involved with great deal to remove the people from difficult situations. He would always respect the personal feelings of people therefore to over ride their ability, information & decisions. His conduct in real life was in accordance with religious teachings. One of the greatest qualities of Syed Muhammad Iqbal Bukhari was making a healthy environment in his family matters. He had empathetically urged upon everyone in the family to enhance a healthy environment. He had inspired them to accept setbacks without defeat, & keep trying to overcome every kind of challenge with courage and confidence. He had urged everyone to be harder at work, try to be smarter, and try to control every situation with something new.

Haji Syed Muhammad Iqbal Bukhari provided financial support to a number of mosques at different locations in the valley. He also proved instrumental in the construction of Jamia Masjid Mir Umar (Rh) Ratnipora with my late father (Saut-i-Kashmir) Syed Ghulam Rasool Gayoor Andrabi. My father had very good relations with S M Iqbal Bukhari Sahab in developing the society. Haji Syed Muhammad Iqbal Bukhari Sahab left this world on 08 Rabi-ul-Sani 1443 /14th Nov 2021 at SKIMS, Soura Srinagar & his sad demise has left everyone grieved. "Inna Lil-La-Hi Wa-Inna Ilaihi Rajioon".

People at large scale participated in his Nimazi Jinazah. He was laid to rest at his ancestral graveyard in Ladoora village of Rafiabad Baramulla. On behalf of all the members of Gayoor foundation, I pray to Almighty Allah to shower his choicest blessings on the departed noble soul and give courage to his family, and dears ones to bear this irreplaceable loss. Ameen!

Er Syed Showkat Gayoor Andrabi is President Gayoor Foundation

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