Bringing ease to masses

Digital services are not just efficient, it takes care of human dignity too
Bringing ease to masses

This is a completely changed world now. The level of popularity, and mass use, that the technology has seen, is just indescribable. Never in human history has the world changed so fast, so comprehensively, and so swiftly. Now the distances have not just shrunk, in many cases they have almost disappeared.

The services, government and private, are almost completely digitized, and no one needs to walk even a handspan for availing such services. Gone is the era of dusty towers of official files. With the arrival of computers, the human transactions have found a better and swift conduit. Banking, travel, commerce, medicine, engineering, and even gossip; everything stands digitised.

The effects of this revolution have reached deeper crevices of the third world also. Give credit to this revolution that governance has seen a qualitative shift. In J&K also things have been digitised and this has brought lots of ease to a common man. Now the offices are on an e-mode, and we can access the files anytime, sitting anywhere. It saves us from both physical and mental labour.

In our case this digitisation has finally terminated the practice of carrying tomes of files in large boxes from Srinagar to Jammu and back. But even after the ambit of digitisation has been extended to cover many services, much remains to be done. There are many gaps that need to be filled.

There is a need to put the data that pertains to different services on the websites of the respective offices, and let people follow their own files. We have still people travel long distances, and spend good many months in pursuing their simple cases in various offices.

If this data is put on digital plateform, people can be spared this drill of visiting offices just to know the status of a file. In fact there should be a status tracker with each file that informs the concerned person the exact stage of his file. This should be done proactively by the departments.

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