Digital J&K: A Beacon of Transparent Governance

Jammu and Kashmir's digital journey has been nothing short of transformative.
Digital J&K: A Beacon of Transparent Governance
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Over the last four years, the Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir (J&K) has witnessed a remarkable transformation in governance through the implementation of various digital initiatives. These initiatives aim to bring transparency, accountability, and efficiency to government services, ultimately benefiting the common masses. From streamlining land record management to providing a wide range of online services, J&K is emerging as a model of digital government in the country.

Aapki Zameen Aapki Nigrani: Revolutionizing Land Record Management

One of the flagship programs launched by the J&K government is "Aapki Zameen Aapki Nigrani," a digital initiative that revolutionizes land record management. This program allows citizens to access their land records online, reducing the possibility of manipulation and improving the efficiency of revenue offices. This digital intervention empowers common people to check their land records on their mobile devices, eliminating the need for physically visiting revenue offices and expediting the process of obtaining revenue extracts.

E-Governance for All: A Digital Services Transformation

The government's prime objective is to make all services available online, minimizing the need for physical visits to government offices. J&K has made impressive progress in providing nearly 600 services online, covering major services commonly availed by the people. Through the e-Unnat portal, citizens can easily register and apply for various services, receiving the service deliverable in the form of an output certificate/report. The integration of the Public Service Guarantee Act (PSGA) portal with e-Unnat further ensures transparent, citizen-friendly, and efficient governance.

Auto-Appeal System: An Innovative Game-Changer

J&K has taken a pioneering step by integrating the Auto-Appeal System feature into the e-Unnat portal. This system empowers citizens by providing them with a mechanism to escalate and appeal against any service-related delays or issues. By strictly adhering to the provisions of PSGA, the government aims to weed out inefficiency, red tape, and apathy in the service delivery mechanism. With the implementation of this robust system, J&K becomes the first Union Territory in the country to adopt such a transparent and accountable approach.

Digi Dost's Program: Mobilizing Digital Volunteers

The "Digi Dost" program launched by the government aims to create a network of digitally empowered young volunteers at the district, block, and panchayat levels. These volunteers serve as brand ambassadors for Digital J&K and Digital India, working towards increasing awareness and mobilization of digital services. This grassroots approach further enhances the reach and impact of digital initiatives, ensuring that even the remotest corners of J&K benefit from the technological advancements.

Jammu and Kashmir's digital journey has been nothing short of transformative. With initiatives like Aapki Zameen Aapki Nigrani and e-Unnat, the government has brought unprecedented transparency, efficiency, and convenience to the lives of its citizens. By empowering the common masses through digital services, J&K sets an inspiring example for other states and territories to follow. As the nation moves towards a more digital future, J&K stands tall as a shining beacon of transparent and accountable governance.

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