Drafting Student Charter in Light of NEP 2020

The university is a place for someone creative, original,  and sincere in the pursuit of knowledge
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Dr Showkat Rashid Wani

I shall present a case study why student charter is necessary. In one of the universities in J&K there is a statute that Physically Challenged Candidates are exempted from paying any examination fee. Notification has been issued in this regard but it has not been given wide circulation. Due to lack of awareness many physically challenged candidates deposit the examination fee. Even some clerical staff are not aware of the concessions for physically challenged and ask the students to get examination fee exemption notification. Later when they apply for the refund the process is very cumbersome. One of the mandates of student’s charter is to communicate all benefits, student welfare schemes and scholarships through multiple modes for wide and timely circulation. To make the website accessible and inclusive there should be a folder for physically challenged which should contain all notifications, circulars issued for this category of students. The Institutions of Higher Education in Jammu & Kashmir are committed to scholarship through excellence in teaching, learning and research and to the provision of vibrant campus environment for the development of life skills among our students. The charter recognizes that students are central to a dynamic university community. In addition to the university’s role of awarding formal academic qualifications to students who successfully complete their studies the university seeks to instill in all students independent scholarly learning, critical judgment, academic integrity and ethical sensitivity.

The University is committed to high standard of professional conduct in all its activities. The university is a place for someone creative, original and sincere in the pursuit of knowledge. When we talk of university as a ‘community of scholars’ we mean in which all members (a) value scholarship (b) respect diversity (c) acknowledge the reciprocal responsibilities inherent in a dynamic learning environment (d) demonstrate respect and consideration for one another (e) seek to fulfill their commitment to eachother. An effective way in which these objectives can be realized is through fair student participation in the university affairs. The purpose of this student charter is twofold. It aims firstly to describe the expectations students can hold as they receive their education. Secondly it describes what can be expected of students in undertaking their studies to enhance the quality of their educational experience. It is my humble request to the Hon’ble Vice Chancellors of the Universities in Jammu & Kashmir to constitute a committee for vetting the draft Student Charter and post approval get it displayed at couple of places in the university and on its official websites. The implementation of Student Charter by the universities in J&K will help them improve NAAC grade because framing of Student Charter is one of the mandates of NAAC.

Draft Mission Statement

To emerge as a centre of academic excellence through holistic education and development of right skills;

To be recognized as the hub of original research and innovative thinking that caters to the needs of the Industry and Policy Makers;

To strengthen the Consultancy services of the University through a full-fledged University- Industry tie-up and thereby tap resources of the Industry for its teaching, research and extension services;

To transform our traditional university into a university of global standard that makes significant contribution at the international level;

To ensure that Departments and centers in the University have autonomy within the frame work of the established system and facilitate the same choice to the affiliated colleges;

To produce young entrepreneurs who can provide job opportunities rather than be job seekers;

To be known across the globe for the diversity of its teachers and students, and the quality and employability of its graduates, in diverse fields;

To produce internationally known leaders, scholars/scientists and sports persons.

Upholding the principle that the culture of reason and learning is indivisible from a concern for the world beyond the campus;

Your entitlements as a student of University (Rights )The University aims to provide students with :• a fair, timely and useful feedback on their performance and progress• a safe, well maintained and courteous environment free from harassment, discrimination and conducive to diverse educational needs• an appropriate academic programme of high quality meeting standards of attainment recognized nationally and internationally• reasonable amount of time to complete their syllabus and submit any work set• an admission system that is fair and equitable and in accordance with published criteria• a grievance redressal cell to solve students problems in a timely and professional manner;• necessary research infrastructure in terms of books, journals, research tools and adequate and serious research supervisors• necessary intellectual capital in terms of committed and qualified teaching staff• platform where students can experiment with fresh biophilic ideas• course structure which will be of comparable standard and can be benchmarked with the best institutions in the country• access to accurate and up to date information on the University statutes ,policies and procedures ;• an opportunity to participate in institutional decision making and work for its growth• reasonable and equitable access to library, laboratory, internet and general course resources• a supportive, stimulating, challenging and adequately resourced research environment that empowers its scholars to derive maximum research productivity• good and courteous treatment in their interaction with University staff• programmes that synchronize with university goals and objectives• a wide range of academic programmes in a flexible academic environment• a valid and reliable evaluation system based on continuous and comprehensive scheme.

• Have access to clear information about University policies and procedures and a range of other academic and administrative matters.

The University’s expectation of you as a student (Duties)The University expects students to:• work to the best of their ability and to make genuine attempts to progress successfully by realizing institutional goals and objectives and translating them into action• work consistently and with high sense of commitment to meet course requirements, deadline for assigned tasks and punctual attendance at lectures /tutorials• display scientific rigorousness blended with high sense of ethos in teaching ,learning and research activities• respect and share the academic responsibility of the University• provide constructive feedback on learning activities so that appropriate academic standards in courses and programmes can be evolved which can be benchmarked with the best universities in the world• adhere strictly to highest ethical and moral standards• display responsible attitude towards staff ,students and visitors to the University• provide timely, accurate and truthful information on matters pertaining to admission, enrollment and examination• act responsibly in the use of learning resources ,being mindful of the needs of other users and comply fully with the regulations concerning the use of library, internet and lab facilities• display intellectual rigor ,seriousness of purpose and time managed skills in educational matters to derive maximum academic productivity• respect all members of multi-cultural and diverse University community• familiarize themselves with the complaints ,appeals and disciplinary procedures of the University• refrain from making malicious or vexatious complaints /representations• show courtesy and cooperation when using any complaints, appeals or disciplinary procedures• respect the opinion of others and deal with disagreement by rationale debate• take care and respect University property such as library books, laboratory resources, internet and other facilities• maintain the highest standard of academic integrity in their work• participate actively and contribute significantly to the University decision making by providing useful perspective in its operation• treat University staff with courtesy at all times• demonstrate respect and tolerance for difference of opinion• every student must (a) attend all his tutorials punctually (b) submit all work required of him on time ,legibly and of reasonable standard• create in our university an atmosphere of research and enquiry into all its spheres of knowledge and preach the gospel of large hearted tolerance and of pure morality.

Dr Showkat Rashid Wani, Senior Coordinator, Directorate of Distance Education, University of Kashmir

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author. The facts, analysis, assumptions and perspective appearing in the article do not reflect the views of GK.

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