Mother: the shade of life

We fail to accept that she is a human and she has a right to live her life to the full
Mother: the shade of life
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Aamir Rashid

This is about the beautiful soul that endures all the hardships just to give safe passage to a new life growing inside her. Yes, i am talking about the epitome of love and devotion - the mother. We never realize her divinity and dignity until she distances from us. And this is so true that life does not come with a manual , it comes with mother.

She is a flag barrier of sacrifices from the very beginning of our existence. She is a selfless being destined to accommodate our every demand.

Unequivocally, father is the source of aid that supports the journey of child development. But imagine if a woman, precisely a mother, what she does for us. Imagine her hardships, and struggles in lonely serving the cycle of a growing child. She wails behind walls and presents herself as the lamp of hope, prosperity, discipline to fulfill her responsibility of being a mother. She exempts her dreams and rules out every personal desire to relish her children.

Our responsibility as a society should be easing out her hardships, but we do otherwise by setting up some stramge norms, such as her only purpose of life after the absence of significant other is to take care of children. We fail to accept that she is a human and she has full rights to live her life as per her aspirations. We fail to provide her second chance and also make sure that she should not avail it by herself by any means. I wish our society accepts a woman with children. I wish our parents accept and appreciate if their children plan to marry a widow. We as a parent on such situations say why our children, or why me, and fail to realize it can be us or even our children in future. We make it sound like a slur, and a taboo, to marry a woman who has been married before. I wish people sympathise with the widow by giving her another chance to live life. I wish orphan, widow, divorcee titles subside forever.

I wrote these lines in the the loving memory of my beloved mother that passed away on 27th July 2021.

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