Professor Dhar: He carried a golden heart

A heart that has touched so many lives
Professor Dhar: He carried a golden heart
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Professor Hamid Anwar Dhar was a Professor in Department of English & ex Controller of Examinations University of Kashmir. The depth of relationship and bonding between colleagues can be very strong, depending upon the length of time shared, the closeness of teaching assignments and a variety of other personality characteristics.

A very good administrator, Prof Hamid served as Controller of Examinations for maximum time of his service career. In the University forums Prof Hamid was frequently discussed as an upright, honest and fearless officer with seeds of dedication towards his duty deep ingrained in his DNA.

He was a strict disciplinarian with excellent managerial skills. He had a deep umbilical connectivity with her mother institution (University of Kashmir) and worked selflessly to put it on growth trajectory. My senior teachers in Education Department frequently discussed the bold and assertive decisions taken by Professor Hamid Anwar Dhar as Controller of Examinations.

When he took as Controller of Examinations he found that post results declaration University used to publish subsequent supplementary result notifications (forty to fifty) which continued till five to six months. To stop this practice he ordered that after the issuance of notification number one ( main gazette) students will be given 15 days time to register post-examination-related-grievances, after screening genuine grievances supplementary notification number second will be issued and the chapter will be closed there.

This move was opposed by BEd College Association; they mounted political pressure but Prof Hamid stood like a rock. He upheld his decision because he had unpunctuated belief that this move will ensure transparency and accountability in the examination system. To streamline the examination system and bring necessary reforms Prof Hamid revisited the university examination calendar and incorporated student-centric examination statutes.

Almighty Allah had bestowed him with excellent drafting skills.As a researcher he used to collect the examination-related-grievances of students from various sections of examination wing keenly reflected upon them and accordingly drafted statues to be vetted by the university bodies.

He was keen to establish statistical & research wing at examination block for analysis and interpretation of data generated in the form of results , his assumption was that this analyzed data will help us to frame tangible examination policy for the University.

He was very supportive with his junior colleagues and loved to share his experiences with them. He was very punctual in his duties and frequently worked till late hours to meet the examination–related-deadlines without asking for extra remuneration.

He would take care of his employees in best possible way. Apparently he looked very strict but carried a golden heart. He was known for his active empathetic listening skills. One day he visited the tabulation section of his examination wing, there he saw a boy from Doda, loudly arguing with the concerned clerk.

The boy had used some inappropriate language. People around suggested he may be handed over to police. Prof Hamid took the boy to his chamber, got him seated and told his peon to offer him tea. The boy told that he had lost his father and brother in a tragic road accident and that is the reason he could not submit the form on time . Prof Hamid facilitated the student’s form submission and paid him the examination late fee from his own pocket.

He had a remarkable memory. One day a student from Gurez submitted application for mercy chance. She told Controller that due to communication gap she had earlier missed to submit the form, Prof Hamid told her to drop her contact with PA; ‘we will inform you then’. The mercy chance form was notified after 3 months. Prof Hamid called his PA to inform the student accordingly.

He worked meticulously with utmost seriousness and rigor in handling the answer books of students. Since results were prepared manually it was done with great precision and accuracy with almost zero percent error. Many colleagues had seen him working during night hours to ensure smooth execution of various competitive examinations. He was a great social support for his colleagues. When Prof Amin Andrabi was hospitalized at SKIMS, Soura, he used to visit him frequently. He also participated in his last rites at Malarratta.

It was during his tenure that he got an authorization for exempting physically challenged candidates to pay examination fee despite stiff opposition from some university administrators. Prof. Hamid was a thorough gentleman and an extremely humble human being. Despite his monumental achievements, his humility and dedication to work were exemplary.

He will be remembered by all his students and colleagues as an affectionate and beloved teacher who gave his best to his students, and as a person of highest integrity, honesty and sincerity. A good heart has stopped beating, but a heart that has touched so many lives can’t help but live on in those it loved. Those we love don’t go away; they walk beside us in our hearts and memories for ever.

Dr. Showkat Rashid Wani, Coordinator, Directorate of Distance Education, University of Ksashmir

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