Read between the lines

This is a very interesting and serious development that shouldn’t escape our attention nor should we attempt to ignore it willfully
Read between the lines
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The Russian invasion into the Ukraine has arrested the attention of the entire world as nobody seriously expected Putin to go that far. In the midst of this belligerence, the demeanour of Israel toward the US has been pretty much eerie. The dynamics of relationship between the two counties have started moving in a direction nobody ever expected. Recently, despite the request by the US to Israel to back the US backed UNSC resolution condemning the Russian aggression, the state of Israel didn’t comply with the US request. This is a very interesting and serious development that shouldn’t escape our attention nor should we attempt to ignore it willfully.

Under the UN resolution 181, Palestine was partitioned. 56.05% of the Palestinian land was given in alms to the Jews who were mainly of European origin-Zionists, enabling them to create their desired homeland-Israel. The rest 43.05% was left for the native Palestinians. This partition was unacceptable to the Palestinians and her Arab neighbors. Revulsion, resentment and humiliation overwhelmed the Arabs and Palestinians, which ultimately snowballed into what is called today ‘Nakbah’-The catastrophe. As per the UN estimates, 750,000 Palestinians were expelled during ‘Nakbah’ in 1948. After the war ended, Israel had captured 78% of the historic Palestine, Jordan captured West Bank and East Jerusalem and Egypt had captured Gaza. This blatant violation watered down the newly founded United Nations exactly like how Japan’s incursion into China had weakened the credibility and authority of the league of Nations in 1931. In the aftermath of six-day Arab-Israel war,1967, Israel assumes the full control of the historic Palestine including the Sinai Peninsula-an Egyptian part and Golan Heights- Syrian part. In a clandestine collaboration in 1973, Egypt and Syria launch an attack on Israel in which Egypt retrieves the Sinai Peninsula but Syria is unable to retrieve the Golan Heights. Russia recently said that it doesn’t recognize the sovereignty of Israel over the Golan Heights which propelled Israel to join the countries at UNGA, deploring Russian incursion. Since many pensive Muslims are in an uncanny dilemma regarding who will the Muslim world join if the Third World War, which of course will be a nuclear fight as also remarked by the Russian Foreign Minister, breaks out? This is answered by the Prophet (PBHU). The Prophet mentions in a Hadith the end time alliance of Muslims with ‘Rum’- which in today’s world is Eastern Orthodox Christianity led by the Russian federation.

By rejecting the US request concerning US backed resolution in the UNSC, Israel has internationally humiliated the US and challenged its declining hegemony. Though there are many examples, one glaring example of US benevolence toward Israel is enough to gauge how the US has abused its veto power to protect and support Israel over issues ranging from human rights violations to illegal occupation. The US has more or less vetoed 53 United Nations resolutions so far which were critical of Israel. Hence, salvaging the state of Israel from international condemnation by abusing its Veto power ample times. This has been the level of munificence of the US toward Israel. Despite such a cordial protection and buttress, what can be the real reason behind Israel’s insurrection and bellicosity? Only one as per my understanding of the situation.

To my mind, Israel wants the confrontation to turn into a nuclear one and it may clandestinely be working on it. Since the Middle East has substantially been weakened both economically and militarily, Israel yearns to go on an endeavor to accomplish the territorial expansion. Israel has a dream, a dream long harbored and cherished, a dream that heralds the return of ‘golden age’ for Israelites. What is it? Creation of the ‘Greater Israel.’ Israel wants all the Nation-States who are capable of assuming the stature of international superiority in the Western World, China, Pakistan, India, North Korea and the Russian federation to exhaust their military capabilities. It wants them to be dwindled in every possible way, so that they are unable to hinder project ‘Greater Israel’ and her subsequent emergence as the next ruling state in the world. Greater Israel, for the Jews, includes Syria, Iraq, Jordan, Lebanon, Kuwait, Sinai Peninsula, some portion of Saudi Arabia and Turkey. I wouldn’t make the mistake of comparing these countries with Israel, since Israel is way superior to them in military technology, offensive warfare, defensive warfare, tactical warfare and in planting people with unmatched dexterity in the field of espionage, so that they are able to gather lucrative and necessary information required to take down the nemesis. Once Russia, China, Pakistan, India, North Korea and the Western World are done showcasing their dexterities and exhausting all of their capabilities, then only will Israel launch her project of colossal territorial expansion.

Syed Shahab U Din Andrabi is a Law Student at JMI, New Delhi

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author. The facts, analysis, assumptions and perspective appearing in the article do not reflect the views of GK.

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