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Wet Waste

Dear Editor

The top of the list civic problems that we face in Kashmir today is the presence of huge dumps of wet waste on our roads. If walk past any major or side street, we find wet waste littered. Despite having Municipal ground staff to collect trash from each household why should there be any wet waste on the roads. Either the ground staff doesn’t cover all the localities of the Srinagar city, or there are household who don’t avail the services. Though your newspaper carries stories on this problem, still there is no comprehensive plan on part of the government. Let there be a blanket ban on throwing wet waste on roads and streets, and it be made a punishable offense.

 Zameer Siddiqui

Lal Bazar, Srinagar

March Session

 Dear Editor

 There were a time, some years back, when Greater Kashmir would ensure a debate on all major issues, be it academic, social, economic or political. But that is now a thing of past. Recently when the academic session was shifted from October to March, we expected a vibrant debate on this on GK pages. But except a few opinion pieces, and a couple of editorials we didn’t see such a powerful exchange of views.

School Space

 Dear Editor

 This has reference to your stories related to private schools. GK’s emphasis on education and the related issues is commendable. In your stories and editorials you highlight various problems related to private schools. But there is an impression that the stories are unevenly placed against the private schools. The Government offices that regulate the affairs of private schools are not always necessarily right. Those who cover the education beat in GK should also take inputs from private schools, so that the other side of the story is also highlighted adequately.

 Shabeena Shafaq

Khawja Bagh, Baramulla

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