Relax, and think!
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Relax, and think!

Only my heart knows what I’m going through; people want to know what’s the matter?

What is hurting you? But it’s very hard to explain what you’re going through..... it’s better to keep your mouth shut because sooner or later they will leave you... because they will not understand you...they will give you sympathy but no one can empathize. Because it’s only you who know what is going inside your heart and mind.

The one who will understand you will never leave you. They will always stick to you, no matter what it takes to heal you. But rest of the world will make fun of you. Because they don’t feel what you’re going through. World is so mean when they see you drowning..they will see you drowning but will not save you....and in the end when you leave from this world they will miss you.

Life is always unexpected and unfair to everyone, so just breath and relax. Their will be always one person who will save you from drowning; he will help you to grow and will feel exactly what you’re feeling because he is the only person who knows what you’re going through.

Life is getting depressing day by day. People are ending their lives because at on point nobody understands what they are going through. Many a time they try to express themselves in front of their close ones but they forget to ask help from Allah. The one who created us, the one who loves us the way we are; no matter how bad we are, he forgives us and doesn’t want anything in return. He loves us so much, not even our own mother loves us that way. But we are so busy in this world that we forget to see where to find real happiness.

You are alone in this world. People will walk with you but no one will walk for you. It’s your own journey you have to choose the right path, if not you will suffer a lot. But always keep this hope in your heart that the only way to get out from this is to remember Allah, and share each and every problem with him. He will not judge you, he will not expect anything in return, he will not stop loving you, he will always be there when you have no one around you; even he will listen to your nonsense talks patiently. Because he loves you more than anyone in this world.

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