Remembering the great soul

Late Moulana Noor Ahmad was a great visionary,who upgraded both religious as well as modern educational institutions
Remembering the great soul
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Moulana Noor Ahmad Trali, the founding father of Madrasa Taleem-ul-Islam, Trust/Charitable Society Tral Kashmir is no more with us. He left for his heavenly abode on 10th of Dec. 2020 C.E. May Allah provide him a highest place in Jannat-Ul-FIrdoos Aameen.

Moulana Noor Ahmad, the illustrious son of renowned Islamic scholar and saint Moulana Noor-Ud-Din Trali was the torch-bearer in the field of religious and modern system of education. Madrasa Taleem-ul-Islam established by Moulana Noor Sahib was developed by Moulana Noor Ahmad and his management members who dtreched their every nerve to achieve the mission. Late Moulana Noor Ahmad was a great visionary, who upgraded both religious as well as modern educational institutions during his tenure of patronage. At present, the Trust/Charitable Society manages the following institutions.

(i) Islamic Oriental College for Girls

(ii) Islamic Oriental College for Boys.

Both the institutions stand recognized by Govt. of J&K and affiliated with University of Kashmir up to Degree level.

(iii) Higher Secondary School for Girls

(iv) Higher Secondary School for Boys

Both Institutions are recognized by Government of J&K and are affiliated with JKBOSE. Besides, Haifz courses are also offered at Dar-ul-Uloom, where enrolled orphans and poor students are provided free education, free accommodation, transport service, books, uniform and medical facilities etc.

A three storey big and spacious hostel provides accommodation to girl students where adequate facilities, available in calm and serene environment. The students enrolled at Dar-ul-Uloom are housed in a spacious hostel with elegant arrangements of boarding & lodging.

Moulana was not only monitoring Institutional affairs but also giving sermons on Friday prayers. There used to be big congregations during Friday prayers and people from distant areas of valley were attending his Friday sermons. He organized various seerat conferences in which distinguished scholars of all schools of thought participated. His Friday sermons were aimed to propagate “Tawheed” in its true sense. Most schools of thought were in agreement with his ideas and approach. He would do his homework before holding the mike on any occasion. The audience was spell bound to listen to his sermons and, children, adults and old aged were always eager to meet him to seek his blessings. He was very popular not only among the Muslims, but Sikhs and Hindus as well. The minority communities were often approaching him for seeking his guidance in certain important matters. He created name and fame throughout the valley for his knowledge, prudence, farsightedness and character. He was the guiding spirit for the society and was held in high esteem by all people, even those who differed with him in some matters.

Since the establishment of Madrasa Taleem-Ul-Islam by Late Moulana Noor Sahib in 1942 C.E, the affluent dynasties of Tral, especially Kars (Razak Joo Kar, Ab. Salam Kar, Habibullah Kar, Mohammad Amin Kar and Mohammad Amin Kar Finance), Kantroos (Gh. Mohammad Kantroo), Mohammad Yousuf Kantroo, Nazir Ahmad Naik, Ghulam Mohammad Wani, Trags (Gh Ahmad Trag, Ama Joo Trag, Ali Mohammad Trag) Meers (Advocate Gh. Rasool Meer besides Dr. Nisar Ahmad Bhat, Masood Ahmad Bhat, M. Amin Meer, Secretary) Assadullah Finance, Mohammad Shafi Naik were in the forefront to help and assist Moulana in educational and developmental fields.

Veteran educationists and subject experts especially Late Mohammad Qazim Ex. Director Education) Late Ab. Gani Reshi, Mohammad Siddiq Naik, Muzaafar Ahmad Wani, Mohammad Shafi Wani (Z.E.O), Mr. Shaheen (Lect) Mr. Mohmmad Shaban Mir (Ex Sr Lecturer ) Mr. Qutub-Ud-Din, Mr. Abdul Ahad , Mr. Gh. Nabi Shiekh & Mr. Abdul Gani Ganie served the organization in academic field. In addition to it, the business community, the medical and engineering professionals and other service sector employees donated whole heartedly for development of infrastructure of this organization.

Reputed and renowned scholars from J&K and outside visited this seat of learning and contributed by giving useful and constructive suggestions for its progress & prosperity.

With the leaving of Moulana, we feel a vacuum all around. The Board of Trustees were quick to respond to the after effects of Moulana’s demise. Mr. N.A. Ragoo, the senior most member of the Trust was unanimously elected as Chairman who is leaving no stone unturned to fill the void.

The Trust/Charitable Society Tral does not belong to any dynasty or an individual. The people of Tral are the main stakeholders in this organization as enshrined in the Trust Deed. The human resource of sub-district Tral is famous throughout state for its competence, efficiency, discipline and behavior. The elite section especially the intelligentsia - Religious scholars, Academicians, Medical and Engineers professionals, Administrators are most welcome to play a decisive role in development of the prestigious Darsgah. The ex-students of this Alma matter who excelled in different domains of life owe a lot to this Institution.

A.R.Khan, Secretary, M.T.I Trust/Charitable Society Tral

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author. The facts, analysis, assumptions and perspective appearing in the article do not reflect the views of GK.

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