Reservation policy : Boon or Bane

Many people get fake category certificates to enjoy the benefits of reservation.

Reservation is a system of affirmative action that provides historically disadvantaged groups representation in education, employment and politics. The only motive behind reservation policy in education was to improve the conditions of backward castes and communities . But it has done more harm to the nation than good It leads to the severe and damaging effects and cause a violation of justice and equality as basic human rights.

Impacts of Reservation policy in Education:

1. Division of Society: Equality is the essence of any secular nation but the reservation policy has divided population into many castes and categories. This system has made scheduled cast, scheduled tribes and other backward classes as the primary beneficiaries. They gain edge over general population in education and employment thereby breeds inequality and cause injustice.

2. Discourages Performers: Students who give their best to make it in the merit get disheartened if they fail to get admission in good college or university or couldn’t get through in competitive exam due to reservation. Eventually they find themselves depressed and lose interest and motivation. Some students qualify Net or JRF or PG entrance despite low score as a benefit of category certificate while a candidate in open merit despite having good score is dropped.

3. Fake certificates: Many people get fake category certificates to enjoy the benefits of reservation. Money makes a mare go aptly goes here.

4. Brain Drain: When some competent students don’t find admission in prestigious colleges or don’t get jobs due to reservation; they prefer migration to other nations; they move abroad for greater opportunities. This leads to brain drain which is a huge loss for the nation.

5. Outdated Criteria: People from many areas receive benefits of RBA (Reserved backward areas) despite the fact that their areas have improved a lot in past few decades. They were deserving before few decades not now. They have each and every facility be it good roads; transportation service, colleges or internet connectivity for that matter. Govt should update the list of RBA category from time to time so that only deserving areas get the privilege and those not fulfilling the criteria are eliminated. This will prevent wastage of resources and act as a good step to remove injustice to the open merit candidates.

6. Other social castes(Osc): There are many people in our society who have changed their occupation and their social status have uplifted a lot but still they are taking benefits of Osc category.

Reservation policy should only be implemented to improve the condition of worthy ones; who really deserve it like disabled and some RBAs ; who really struggle a lot in getting education and surely deserve an edge but not to all jack and jim who misuse it and use it as a defence mechanism. Govt should be very serious about the injustice done to the mainstream candidates by Reservation policy. Is it justified to select a reservation candidate with 10 points for job or education and dropping a candidate with 38 points in open merit. Only two things can happen in such a case. Either an aspirant will get depressed and demotivated to see such a system in practise or he will try to get a fake category certificate in case he's not a sound ethical person.

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