Rise in cancer cases

The rise in cancer cases in Kashmir is a cause of concern. Under these circumstances early detection of the disease and early treatment is imperative. The health sector has undergone a significant advancement and progress for last several years. But, for large number of people their health continues to be their last priority. This may be because of the present day hectic working schedule, competition around and related stress.

These things keep a person more busy than required. In such a scenario, the health gets affected and related problems ignored.There should be a positive change in one’s attitude towards his or her health. The health issues should also get a priority like other things in life. Sometimes the solution of very serious problems demands top most priority. According to a report over 6,000 new cancer cases are reported alone at the Sher-e-Kashmir Institute of Medical Sciences (SKIMS) Soura annually. Gastrointestinal (GI) cancers are the most prevalent type. Among the cancer cases, 30 percent are that of GI cancer followed by lung and breast cancers.

The majority of the cases were reported from Srinagar district and followed by Anantnag district. The lowest number of cases were reported from Shopian. The report adds that over 51,000 cancer cases have been documented in Kashmir over the past four years. Doctors say it is better if the cases are detected early and treatment started early. The treatment process has undergone a lot of advancement and progress for last several years. According to concerned authorities, the advanced facilities are available in SKIMS as well. If sometimes a person develops symptoms like that of cancer, he or she should without getting panicky immediately consult a doctor.

Time should not be wasted unnecessarily. Sometimes the symptoms are really that of cancer and sometimes not that of the cancer. People should have an awareness regarding cancer and the causes leading to the disease. Preventive measures and precautionary medical checkups whenever needed are important. There is no scope for carelessness on health front. Dealing with serious health issues in life needs a matching degree of seriousness.

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