Save daughters , educate daughters

We are blessed with a girl or a boy, in both cases we are blessed with a child
Save daughters , educate daughters


A daughter is a miracle that never ceases to be miraculous. Full of beauty and forever beautiful, loving, and caring.

Daughters are the precious gifts that Almighty has endowed to us. It is not in the hands of man to produce the children of his choice. Had it been there would have been an imbalance in population.

The divine rules are always sound and balanced. Moreover, there is no such thing that makes boys superior to girls. Girls are in no case less capable than boys. It is just a feeling of obliviousness that girls are deemed as a burden and inferior.

There is a divine quote which states that God is One, based on His ultimate wisdom, who grants whomever He wills sons and daughters; He grants sons only to whomever He wills, and grants daughters only to whomever He wills, and if He so wills, He makes whomever He wills infertile.

This quote clearly depicts that whether we are blessed with a girl or a boy, in both cases we are blessed with a child. So, we must be grateful for having a child and should not feel embarrassed about having daughters only. Daughters are the best gifts because they are more faithful and obedient than sons.

Daughters should be given opportunities to prove their worth. History has witnessed a lot of female leaders, teachers, preachers, saints, scientists, and engineers who have contributed in many fields and raised the head of their parents high.

Girls have the right to shape their destiny and it is the responsibility of relatively mature and experienced members of the community to ensure that girl's choice shall serve both her interests and those of society.We have to acquaint them with those opportunities afforded by their environment that can best guarantee the fulfillment of their personal needs and aspirations. We should encourage, appreciate, and admire their accomplishments and respect their dreams.

We should not poison them with hypocrisy, as they feel our love and concern so expressing love without sentiment hurts them severely but they don't let us know its pain. As a parent, we have to come out of the illusion and trust our daughters.

Every single male must help them discover and develop their educational, vocational, and psychological potentialities and thereby achieve an optimal level of personal happiness.

Many couples are pleading for a child and leave no stone unturned to get the dream fulfilled. They don't discriminate based on sex rather they believe that the feeling of having one's child is the greatest thing in the world. Their life is purposeless and they consider themselves as the world's jinxed persons. They don't find solace in the world.

What I mean to say is that those parents who have daughters are blessed. Daughters can do wonders provided we believe in them and let them flourish freely. They have excelled in all fields and proved their worth. let's not clip the wings of daughters. Let them fly and do impossible. Because Once women are on the move, the family moves, the society moves, and the nation moves.

Unfortunately, we in the 21st century are still narrow-minded. We are still watering male dominant society and deterring daughters from education. It is also an embarrassing practice that daughters are killed before they are born. It was the tradition of Arabs who in ignorance killed their daughters or buried them alive. Today, we don't even let daughters open their eyes in this world. She is being murdered in the womb for a fault she doesn't even know. How can be we so vicious and brutal?

Let's pledge not to kill daughters or clip their wings. They are as competent and intelligent as boys. They are not a burden, they are our pride. They can add beauty to our lives provided we trust them and allow them to realize their dreams. A daughter is someone we laugh with, dream with, and love, with all our heart.

In a beautiful and authentic Hadith: “He who is involved in the responsibility of bringing up daughters and he accords benevolent treatment towards them, there would be protection for him against hell fire”

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