Save the future generations

The current world should get rid of all the threats posed to the security and safety of nations across globe
Save the future generations

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s US visit last week will be remembered for its messaging to the world. He had a message for the whole of the world when he spoke at the 76th session of the UN General Assembly where focused on Covid-19, terrorism, climate change. The underlined theme was that the current world should get rid of all the threats posed to the security and safety of nations across the globe so that it could leave a legacy of a stable, fear-free, and a healthy world for new generations.

India, on its own, has scaled new heights and overcome the internal and external challenges, and the biggest of them was the fight against Covid-19 that had a crippling effect on the whole of the world. His focus was that how India overcame this challenge despite so many odds stacked against it. The critics would definitely point out some of the rough patches that became too obvious during the second wave of the pandemic in early 2021. There were deaths. Tragedies dotted everywhere. But the overall scene would have to be seen that how India overtook the challenges , and today it is vaccinating millions of people on daily basis. This, in itself, is a lesson to the world that how India has the capacity and the will to collectively fight the menace that had posed a severe crisis for the whole humanity.

The worries are lurking despite all these efforts. Anyone suffering from the deadly disease in any part of the world poses challenge to all others. India is at the center of many developments and scientific and technological advances. It needs a safer world where it can show its growth and provide opportunities to one and all in the spirit of world being one family . It is for this reason that India has planned to resume its help in sending vaccines to the countries badly in need of them. It is rich with the message that no developed nation can stay at the top in an unequal world. There is no room for what Gorge Orwell wrote in Animal Farm, “All are equal but some are more equal than others.”

These are the issues that concern the whole humanity. India has proven its leadership in all spheres, through its thousands-year-old heritage and history of innovation and working for the world peace and order. It is difficult to gauge the range that Modi covered during his speech because he did not elaborate on all issues for he restricted to listing the biggest challenges and the solutions thereof. That is what the leaders do. They touch upon big issues and once those are addressed, the smaller issues find a natural solution as a sequel to these.

The world is dotted by several fault lines and some of which pose existential threat to the whole of the world and will impact future generations. The legacy that this world will leave for the future generations is a critical issue. That is where the dots need to be connected in the world in which the current generation is living – marred by the devastating pandemic triggering destabilization of social, political and economic structures across the continents. And many of the nations have not steadied even after more than one and a half-years of the velocity of the pandemic. There is no certainty that how long will it impact the world and the international order.

There is mounting threat of terrorism. The most worrisome is that the terrorism and its spread which is being legitimized by certain countries. The latest reference point is what unfolded in Afghanistan, as it is uncertain whether Taliban can control the terror groups operating on its soil. Faction ridden Taliban is in no position to stabilize itself and it is nowhere close to gaining the confidence of the people of Afghanistan.

Prime Minister Modi very aptly observed “Terrorism is being used as a political tool and certain countries were doing so without recognizing the fact that this monster can inflict severe wounds to them as well.”

Pakistan fits in this definition. It is advocating for the recognition of the Taliban by the international community, while knowing it very well that the current rulers of Afghanistan have no legitimacy. There also is a section that has threatened to revive amputations and executions for the violation of the Islamic law that the Talban is enforcing in the war-ravaged country. This is a nation in reverse gear where it stood from 1996 to 2021. The things are crystal clear that things are ominous. Unless these threats are tackled collectively, the newer generations would not get a stable and peaceful world.

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