Struggle for Career  | Beyond anxiety and depression

A few months back I read an article of one Ishfaq Manzoor of Ikhipura Kulgam that appeared in a local English daily. It was a wonderful read. The article basically was an attempt by this young writer to study the growing trend of depression and anxiety among the well qualified youth particularly of Kashmir valley.

The young writer has focused on the employment problem of the youth and has developed a narrative that the main cause of depression and anxiety of the Kashmiri youth has been mainly due to the growing unemployment.

Indeed I also endorsed his views, as it is well said that idles brain is devil’s workshop. When you are qualified and have also prepared yourself to participate in the competitive exams to prove your worth and you are not getting any such chance you would really feel disturbed and your brain well develop negative feelings. Sometimes you will hate your own life  and will try to end it up, sometimes you will become aggressive and would quarrel with your own dear ones.

Since we observe that in present era a lot of youth are suffering from depression, the cause of the depression is not specific, it may occur due to variety of medical, social, moral and economic disorders, but one of the most common reasons is unemployment. When you have worked hard and attained higher qualification to get any suitable job.

But despite your struggles you fail to attain it, and get disturbed. Since I am not any physiologist  and could not know better the causes of depression and anxiety, but in simple terms I can say the  educated youth  have been under extreme stress. They have been already facing terrible unemployment, economic, social and cultural problems, and now the way the government job recruiting agencies are playing with their sentiments  have definitely added a lot to the stress of degree holders and qualified youth.

Since phenomena of nepotism and favoritism  were earlier very much prevalent  in the recruitments in the universities, medical institutions, banking institutions  and in other semi government and autonomous  bodies, but prestigious recruiting agencies like PSC and SSRB were  almost free from such malpractices. But the things have changed abruptly, and SSRB recruiting agency has almost lost its integrity with the surfacing up of the recent scams.  Although the scams have been recorded about its SI and Accounts Assistant competitive exams, but fingers have been raised on its earlier exams as well.

In fact the qualified and degree holding youths are not afraid of facing the competitive exams and indeed they are ready and have almost prepared themselves for such competitions, but they are doubtful about the credibility of such exams.

The recent exam scams and delaying of these tests by this  reputed government recruiting agency have made the youth more stressed.  It is well observed that from last few years the problem of unemployment among the qualified and degree holdings youths has gone very high and the youths has been facing this problem more than ever before. But now when the reputed recruiting agencies’ credibility has also been impacted, and government has also taken notice of it, the qualified youth  preparing for the competitive exams have got disappointed.  They are not worried about the competition but they are now highly concerned about their merit. 

Indeed the recruiting agencies have taken requisite reforms to restore their credibility and to win back the confidence of the qualified youths participating in the computer based tests. And  government has already taken the matter of the scams in the recruiting agencies very seriously, but still it has to take more concrete measures to stop  the wring practices and thus address the concerns of candidates taking part in these computer based tests.

In fact under these unfavorable conditions, the qualified youths have been living a stressed life. They are very much concerned about their future. Indeed their fears are genuine, but life is not all about the careers, it has very much to offer you, in terms of its joy and happiness. Consider your life a game, and enjoy it by playing it well.  If you have struggled well and despite your hard work you have not got the desired job. It is not your fault, but the fault of the system in which you have living. You shall never feel that your struggle for life  has ended. No, absolutely not. Remember after every hardship there comes ease.  Just you need to struggle for career in life and definitely at a certain time you will succeed in achieving your target. But at the same time do not live in dreams, be practical in your struggle, believe in God and never get disappointed.

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