Teacher is the pivot

For any policy on improving school education, teacher is at the centre of things
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Desired learning outcomes and contemporary demands necessitate holistic improvement. The NEP 2020 enshrined national and international goals which ought to be achieved by pragmatic approach of highly skilled teachers and well developed learning seats of country. Spontaneous change in technological advancement has created learning gaps in educational system, which received due consideration in NEP. Accordingly policy was framed to ensure overall progress of nation and to maintain the tempo of advancement at par with developed nations.

The teachers owe great deal of obligations, given the fact that they have to realize the goals. Role of a teacher is pivotal in school improvement and to foster valued learning aptitude in students. We can't ignore the role of teacher and vitality of school in modern digital world that is why SSEP (school standards and evaluation policy) envisaged continuous school evaluation and performance survey, for this purpose many more monitoring bodies will be pressed in action to assess schools with set benchmark, when we peep in schools through NEP 2020 then rigorous steps need to be taken for augmentation, infrastructure development, improvement and enrichment of other resources in schools.

With the implementation of NPE it is crucial on part of school administration that all the schools join the race of improvement, assessment and accreditation. School quality assessment and accreditation framework (SQAAF) will have great role to review, reform, revamp and revitalize the educational parameters and indicators in schools on the basis of which schools will be categorized and funding and accreditation will be determined and defined. There is dire need for developing laboratories, libraries, school buildings, ICT provision, strengthening of staff and eco friendly environment. PARAKH - the process of performance, assessment, review and analysis of knowledge for holistic improvement determine quality standard goals and parameters that better standards in our schools.

Government initiated a comprehensive programme in 2015, National programme on school standards and evaluation, under the aegis of NIEPA, National Institute of Educational Planning and Administration. The program is commonly known as (Shaala Sidhi). It assess and evaluates various practices with the current status of school leadership, management, inclusion, health, safety and community participation and schools are supposed to upload necessary information as a routine exercise at state and national level. Hence pace and performance of school will be open for observations. The department along with allied departments, lay thrust on honing teaching skills and proficiency of teachers. Even Govt has conceived a new and comprehensive national curriculum frame. NCFTE will focus on needs of teachers. Teachers are required to focus on socio emotional and community based learning and most effective teaching pedagogy. It is incumbent upon teachers to enrich and update their knowledge because they have multiple functions in society and in schools beyond routine teaching and learning. For the professional development of teachers NCTE, National Council for Teacher Education, NCERT, and SCERT have been working for facilitating teachers by devising various need based teacher development trainings, workshops, and imparting refreshers courses in various skills which are yielding good results in teaching learning process. NCERT and SCERT's successful joint venture of NISHTHA modules have involved all the teachers in school education. Under the CPD, continuing professional development, teachers get the opportunities for self assessment for self improvement. They will become abreast with latest innovations and advances in their profession so that they will become compatible with new goals and become effective for the students as guide, and mentors in and outside classrooms. In the prism of NPE 2020 like higher education now schools and teachers ought to compete in educational arena to make the teaching and schools excel in the context of parameters set by NPE. Schools should ensure the basic educational requirements and optimum infrastructure as private schools have posed tough challenge to govt schools in terms of infrastructure and accountability and academic excellence. with the approval of NEP 2020 the draft and document has been articulated for practical implementation for which role of teachers and present strength of schools is now of paramount importance. Govt. should rope in teachers for front line operation. In this regard, from pre primary to secondary level the teacher need autonomy and role playing status because they really understand the nitty-gritty of NEP.

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