They are our assets The impact of Covid-19 pandemic has multiplied their problems

They are our assets The impact of Covid-19 pandemic has multiplied their problems
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Dr. Imtiyaz Rasool Ganai

The future strength of nation is gauged by healthy wholesome development of a child. India’s first Prime minister said it well, “The children of today will make the India of tomorrow the way we bring them up determine the future of country”. But in contemporary times the children are vulnerable due various social, psychological, mental and family issues which tells upon their overall development and growth.

It is very tough to understand the malaise which children confront from family to social arena. The impact of Covid-19 pandemic has multiplied their problems. In 2020 March the National Child Line received 3.07 calls regarding child issues. In 2020 the help line got 92,105 calls pertaining to child abuse and violation as per report from Deputy Director of child help line India.

The covid-19 has accentuated psychological trauma in children. As per National Crime Records Bureau data in 2020 11,396 children committeed suicide which is alarming, and need to be taken seriously. In Jammu and Kashmir we have observed some cases of suicides committed by children in current year with which we should not be complacent.We know the pandemic suffocated children because school schools were the places they would free themselves.

Lack of parenting skills led the children to emotional instability and mental health issues were caused. Our children require sensible attention which if unfulfilled may cause havoc to children, parents and society. According to E. Daniel Goleman, Emotional intelligence expert, “ The child’s five components of development must be prioritized viz self awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills.

But most of us as parents and teachers lack the emotional literacy so we fail to address the demand and direction of children.” We must realize that future man is shaped in his/ her childhood. Once negative traits get imbibed in children it is hard to change them consequently, the personality of children will get marred. We are abreast of constitutional rights of children.

it is our sole duty to protect them from exploitation, neglect, and abuse at home and outside. We hear the plethora of incidences of child abuse, violation, exploitation, neglect, trafficking, child labour which have made a section of children vulnerable. We must make practical use of laws, acts and child rights protection organizations.

POCSO Act 2012 is comprehensive law to provide protection to children from the offenses of sexual assaults, harassment, and pornography. We need to take judicial support and counseling for incorporating child friendly mechanism. The slews of measures were taken, not only by Union Government but at international level. The UNICEF has brought 190 nations under its umbrella to safeguard the child rights. In 1989 a historic commitment was made by various nations by following the United Nations convention on the rights of children.

Parliament has passed a land mark Act in 2015 for the care and protection of children in India commonly known Juvenile Justice Act which guarantees the security, protection, Education and well being of children. The role of Government, NGO, and various welfare institutions was underscored. This included institutional care of children, punishment for offenses against children, rehabilitation and social reintegration with proper monitoring and counseling. Current year children’s day focus to unite and to reverse the impact of Covid-19 pandemic on children. We have to be very keen and empathetic to deal with the children keeping in view the challenges of our children. They need to be de-stressed by giving those opportunities to express, understand and share their predicament. We have varied groups of children in society which need different therapeutic touch at various levels. We should address their stress, anxiety, maladjustment, and fear; but it demands parental and expert skills. Government has taken the note of various demands of children ranging from poverty, health care, nutritional and learning infrastructure. But we all should contribute as socially responsible and emotionally strong family members. This will help them to cope the mental, social and other impulses to make them sound citizens.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author. The facts, analysis, assumptions and perspective appearing in the article do not reflect the views of GK.

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