Unfair End

The carelessness of some people had played with a precious life
Unfair End

Half-heartedly, he was running after the people with his bank passbook. He actually wanted them to fill out a withdrawal form for him. It was Saturday and the bank was about to close. As such, no one had time to help him. However, seeing him worried, a young boy filled out his withdrawal form.

“Please en-cash my form quickly, tomorrow I have to pay for a diagnostic test”, he implored sadly to the banking associate. The next day, he boarded the bus early in the morning to reach the city centre in time. He had no other option but to repeat his CT scan from the imaging centre recommended by his doctor.

With a big file of endless medical investigations that ranged from CT scans, MRI and blood tests, he visited his doctor’s clinic. With all his curiosity and apprehension, he was looking forward to hear some words of solace from his doc. After a cursory look at the pile of reports that he had advised at a particular diagnostic centre, the doctor said-“Here are some drugs, take them. Come after fifteen days”. This was all he could listen from his doctor who called another waiting patient, “Next, quickly”. Dejected, he left the chamber of his doctor and bought the drugs. “Drugs for another fifteen days”, was the only news he had for his inquisitive family members back home.

Despite taking drugs consistently, the poor fellow could not find any improvement in his health status. And in fact, he gradually started remaining indoors as he was mostly keeping to his bed. It was also the spell when leaves on the trees were sapped and turning golden. No sooner the drugs prescribed by the doctor were consumed, more medicine was bought for him that was available at his doctor’s clinic only.

Months flitted. He gradually remained confined to his home, resulting in the depletion of his savings. His miseries didn’t stop here. To procure more medicines, he had to spend the savings that he had kept for his only daughter. It seemed that drugs were turning ineffective. His body showed puffiness in stages and his colour turned pale with time. Outside, the trees could no longer bear the burden of writhing leaves. The gloom of the nights trounced over the extent of the vividness of the days. The soothing morning breeze started turning into a fearful wind that ripped up whatever came its way.

The moment came when his family was left with nothing to feed and procure his medicines. The situation came to the brink of amassing money from the people in a local mosque during Friday congregations. Yet, something more was in store in the painful package of despondency for him. Two of his sons left their studies and geared up to be the bread-earners for their family. The daughter could not really spare any time from looking after her crippled father. His condition was worsening.

Then a nasty night arrived. The puffiness had buried his eyes to the extent that he could not open them. He was losing his consciousness. All of a sudden, his daughter screamed. He had vomited blood. He was taken to a nearby hospital. The preliminary measures proved ineffective in controlling his bleeding from the mouth. He was referred to the city hospital in the dawn. Lying down in the ambulance, he felt he was heading aimlessly towards an unknown and uncanny destination, leaving behind everything.

In the city hospital, he was rushed to the emergency ward. After taking a comprehensive history and looking into the investigations he had done earlier, doctors were puzzled. They could not locate any condition that would lead to such an emergency. Anyhow, the attendants were told to arrange blood for the patient. One of his sons hurried toward the blood bank to donate his blood. One of the senior doctors was consulted for further management. While discussing the case with his juniors, he asked the attendants, “Can you show me the blood investigations and the medicines the patient used to take?” The daughter passed on all the investigations to him nervously. After a look, the doctor took a long pause and said to his junior doctors, “The medicines prescribed for his pains were gradually damaging his kidneys and his doctor has not seen his previous investigations properly and continued with the medicines. This has landed him in the emergency with kidney failure. Also, these drugs are strong and may have caused bleeding stomach ulcer”. Looking towards his junior doctors, he added desolately, “Learn a lesson today. Give proper time to your patients and look into their investigations keenly”.

It was a shocking news. Everyone around was stunned. The carelessness of some people had played with a precious life. His two sons came rushing with a blood pack in their hands just to see their father lying motionless on the emergency trolley. Criminal negligence and professional malpractice had clinched the end.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author. The facts, analysis, assumptions and perspective appearing in the article do not reflect the views of GK

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