We are missing it

The most awaited calendar by one and all was the J&K Bank calendar
We are missing it
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This write up is further to my previously published write up about the JK Bank Calendar way back in 2015. This is a plea to bring the said calendar back for us since it has not been printed over last 2 years for some reasons, Covid-19 being a primary one.  ‘Calendar’ is a system of organizing days for social, religious, commercial, or administrative purposes, or in other words a list of planned events, that we chart in our day-to-day life.

At the start of December each year, the rush for the calendars, diaries, planners is on, in preparation for the coming New Year. The markets are abuzz with many of these available at hands breadth in shops, roadside vendors and the ever-increasing availability on the online platforms. They may be gifted to us by many business houses, or we may buy these from the commercial market. Each person keeps a particular one hanging in his home or office to his liking.

But in J&K, the most awaited calendar by one and all was the J&K Bank calendar. This 6–7-page spiral had been the calendar of choice for all JK’ites for obvious reason of being something very own. It was at the end of December or in the beginning of January every year an eager wait was always there for it. The manager, the clerical staff and the all-important runner of a particular J&K Bank branch was in demand for this piece, and they surely had that aura  of giving something considered important, a rare thing that the bank gives to its customers other than money. They would gift it to their known few, dodge the customers for few days, but at the end of January all JK’ites had the calendar adorned in their offices, living rooms or more often the kitchens.

For all the years that it was printed, the JK Bank calendar has had its changes and was near perfection of being reproduced every year in the same pattern. Six pages, a month on either side, the page divided into two equal parts, the upper half carrying a photo/artistic impression of many beautiful places /artistic patterns of J&K and the bottom half had the days and date. The photos were a chosen few and would get entrenched in our memory. The holidays were mentioned perfect in their red color which indicated the gazetted ones, followed by the bluish dates which depict the local/restricted holidays of importance.

All of us had a reason to adore the calendar for one reason or the other. The children loved it as each month they look for the holidays and their planning of their monthly, semester or the final exams is charted down on this. The house-wives would scribble the daily household items got from the milkman or the bakers on a particular day; the monthly accounts were done on the calendar and at the end of a month one saw the page laden with numbers and the amount for the vegetable vendor, milkman, or the baker. The officials looked at the red and the blue marked days so that they could plan a holiday or an outing. And believe me for the bank it meant the bank getting itself in each and every household/shop/official of J&K.

To the utter disappointment of the all people of J&K and for some pressing reasons this much awaited and lovely piece of wall hanging was not printed for last two years. Much to the dismay of all its customers. It is a request to the officials to have this calendar printed the same way as previously so that a sense of belonging returns to all of us. We could even sacrifice the interest for a month on our savings and allow the bank to utilize that amount to print this calendar so that we get our most cherished wall hanging back in our offices and homes.

On behalf of all the people of J&K I would reiterate that we all love the JK Bank calendar and want it to stay as the calendar of choice for all JK’ites and beyond.

Dr Muzafar Maqsood Wani, Consultant Nephrologist, SKIMS, Soura.

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