A Complaint

This is not a pleasant affair

How O’ Allah,

can I complain

about what afflicts me?

How can I complain?

Humanism is

humiliated in my time.

My being is smothered

by fallacy and failings.

How do I complain?

At a time when

every inch of earth

is turned into a jungle,

And all around me are wolves

and I am still crawling …

speechless, shocked.

How can I complain?

All of us hope and pray


there is no answer.

Do we ever taste today

pure and chaste things?!

Do we ever wear anything

that is not desecrated?!

How do we hope?

How do we pray?

O’Allah, this is not a pleasant affair.

We are being dragged to death,

ours is a miserable state.

Our generations pushed back,

our people pseudo.

In my mouth there is water

interpreted by wise men:

Divisiveness dominates us

Hypocrisy harbors us.

We and the animals are alike.

We mastered

the art of poetry and speech.

And then mastered war and sciences.

But now our status is




Or dispute and division, and

battle for authority.

How can we find among us

those who compete over truth?

Where is Zaid, Amre and Mughira?

Where is Hittin, Yarmuk and Badr?

Can we hope that Sa'd of Qadisiya be resurrected?

The first in Islam to throw

a Mudari arrow?

O’ Allah, You blessed Mother of Sibtain,

with the leader of the youth of paradise;

who perceived in patience


stood up for the oppressed.

Refused pledge allegiance

to the despot


made ultimate sacrifice

for justice.

They built so we can destroy.

What a calamity!

We are dragged in thousand to slaughter.

How many a tender flower

buried in our soil?

Great cities erased

when they said: Our Lord is Allah, the Lord of the worlds.

Islam in the hands of its true

sons is a burning coal.

While Islam- O’ Allah absolved itself of us!

Can we hope

after dark

the sun will shine?

Will we see their banners

disappear and lowered?

And midst debris and dust

blood and bombs,

see our rise?


can I ask for anything

when my memory stabs

and my conscience stifles?

Have I lost

my right to complain

about what afflicts me?

How do I complain?

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