Earthquakes: Doctrine and Doom

The ugly realities of earthquakes are a constant reminder of the harsh realities of life
Earthquakes: Doctrine and Doom
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Earthquakes. The rumblings of the earth. Shaking us to our core. They are a way of reminding us of our fragility and the power of nature. They make us understand that we are merely visitors on this planet, and that the earth has its own forces at play, forces that we cannot control.

Earthquakes, much like life itself, are unpredictable and often strike when we least expect them. They come in the form of sudden jolts, shaking the foundations of our world, leaving us stunned and bewildered. Earthquakes, like death, serve as reminders of our vulnerability and the fragile nature of the world we live in. They teach us the importance of living each day as if it was our last, and of the value of cherishing the people we love and the things we hold dear.

The ugly realities of earthquakes are a constant reminder of the harsh realities of life. They force us to confront the fact that even in a world of advanced technology and paraphernalia, we are still vulnerable to the forces of nature. They remind us that we cannot control everything and that sometimes, life can be unfair.

Besides, human interference is an invariable menace. It is crucial for humans to minimize their impact on the environment and adopt sustainable practices to reduce the risk of natural disasters. It is important to remember that in the face of tragedy and loss, we have a choice. We can choose to let it defeat us or we can choose to rise above it— be responsible and resilient, and keep moving forward.

The recent earthquake in Turkey and Syria was a cruel cue of this. As the ground shook and buildings crumbled, lives were shattered and families torn apart. Homes were destroyed, businesses ruined, and families left to pick up the pieces. The tragedy was felt not just by those directly affected, but by people all over the world who watched in horror as the events unfolded. While the dust and debris settled, and the extent of the damage became clear, we were left with a sense of overwhelming grief. With the death toll crossing 25, 000, and tens of thousands injured and homeless, it brought with it a wave of misery. The aftermath of this massive earthquake can be a long and difficult road to recovery, as people struggle to rebuild their lives and come to terms with their losses.

Of course, it is a dreadfully difficult time. In moments of trauma and tragedy, it is easy to feel like our world is falling apart. It is natural to feel like giving up and succumbing to despair. But it is important to remember that even in the darkest of moments, there is always hope. “The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places,” wrote Ernest Hemingway. We must not lose sight of the fact that there is always a chance for healing. With hardship, arrives ease as well.

The earthquake in Turkey and Syria has challenged us to look at our own mortality and to question the purpose of life. Why do we suffer? Why do we have to endure the pain and sadness of loss? These are questions that have been asked by philosophers and mystics throughout history, and they remain relevant today.

The answer, perhaps, lies in the fact that life is not meant to be uncomplicated or predictable. We are not meant to be sheltered from all pain and suffering. Life is a journey that requires us to grow and evolve. We are meant to experience the full range of human emotions, from joy to sorrow, from love to loss. This is what makes us human and what makes life meaningful. The earthquake in Turkey and Syria showcases the resilience of the human spirit. Many scrambled out of rubble. People came together to help one another, offer comfort and support, and remodel what was lost. The outpouring of love and generosity from people worldwide has been inspiring and an indication that even in the darkest of times, there is hope and light.

Yes, earthquakes are a part of life and they will always be a part of the world we live in. They deliver doctrine as well as doom… Zalzala Aaya Aur Aa Kar Ho Gaya Ruḳhsat Magar / Waqt Kay Ruḳh Par Tabahi Ki Ebarat Likh Gaya…..They shake our world, but fail to shake our spirit as long as we ponder over our dealings and reform ourselves. They are not just natural disasters; they are one of the signs of God; they are His tacit communiqué, conveying people to be mindful of their actions, and to turn towards Him. For He alone is our Saviour.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this article are the personal opinions of the author. The facts, analysis, assumptions and perspective appearing in the article do not reflect the views of GK

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