Promoting Entrepreneurship

Prepare students early on to identify their potential and choose a career in business when time is on their side
Promoting Entrepreneurship

These days there is a lot of talk on the importance of entrepreneurship. The highest offices in the governance of J&K are every now and then expressing opinion on this, and always emphasising the importance of youngsters taking up some business activity that can not only make their own living but create jobs for others.

At the national level we also find the idea of Start-Ups very much in vogue. In this regard the central and the state government in India announce various schemes and devise policies that can attract young and educated people to take up some small or medium scale industrial activity as their career option. Here in J&K we have found in last couple of years that many youngsters have started their businesses in various domains of market activity and have done well.

The online businesses and services have also picked up in past some years. All this is very encouraging and sets a trend among youth not to wait for government jobs but invest their early years in carving out a niche in emerging markets. We have come across many success stories where individuals or small groups took up a business activity with meagre resources but did well to make an impression on the people around.

Apart from traditional activities we have seen people picking up novel ideas to develop their businesses. In J&K we need this passion of young minds to develop more as this has been a society where people needlessly waste their productive years in search of some government. Most of these people then settle with low end jobs that barely make the ends meet.

We have a good population of middle aged people who are facing financial crisis just because they never bothered to look beyond a government job. The need of the hour is to prepare our students early on to identify their potential and choose a career in business when they have the advantage of time. The government on its part must create room in education policies to promote such thinking, and also provide assistance to such youngsters.

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