The Message of Karbala

There will be no peace and prosperity unless we don't transform ourselves from within.
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Every year, on the onset of Muharram - Ul-Haraam till the end of Safar-ul-Muzzaffar, the heart wrenching tragedy of Karbala is commemorated by the Muslims all across the world. The pain of the travails that Imam e Hussain (A.S) and Jinabi Zainab (S.A) had endured, cannot be even assuaged from the hearts and souls of the followers of 'Ahlebeyat'. They were the grand children of our beloved Prophet (Pbuh), how can we afford to be complacent about the fateful day of Ashura.

The terror that was unleased on 72 courageous companions and family members of Imam e Hussain (A.S) is unforgettable. Karbala is a soul shaking tragedy. The Supreme sacrifices made by Hussain (A.S) and his small contingent are not only praiseworthy but "Hyhat minna al zilla (We never accept humiliation) is the overriding lesson for those who are determined to live a dignified life.

We are familiar with the historical facts that led to thebattle of Karbala. We should inquisitively ponder upon the reasons for which Hussain (A.S) sacrificed everything including his 6 month old son Ali Asgar (A.S). It was for the sake of Allah. It was the battle between Haq and Batil. Between righteousness and wickedness. It was a clarion call to distinguish between good and evil. Hussain (A.S) didn't sanctify his allegiance to the tyrant ruler, Yazeed. He staunchly stood firm against the oppression and atrocities. Hussain's (A.S) defiance was against the flagrant errors of the despot ruler who was changing the Islamic order. Yazeed was trying to rule and run the system by his whims and fantasies which could be never acceptable and abiding on those who were the torch bearers of Islam. Hussain (A. S) stood firm against the oppression, injustice and tyranny. He revived the true spirit of Islam by his blood and sacrifices of his beloved ones. He defeated the malicious intentions of Yazeed who was trying to pollute the sanctity of Islam.

Hussain (A.S) won the battle of Karbala by his unruffled courage. Hussain's (A.S) fight was not for the power. He fought so as to awake and aware the people about their rights and duties as they were morally dead. He didn't pledge his allegiance to the tyrant Yazeed. He condemned and challenged the political repression. He had the courage to call a spade a spade. He and his companions fought the brutal regime with an indomitable faith and fortitude. They didn't let down the flag of Islam. They would be holding and raising it high till the eternity. Hussain(A. S) achieved eminent victory through his martyrdom. Yazeed got vanquished but Hussain (A.S) still lives in our hearts. He is honor and hope for the oppressed. He is the guiding star. His companions are the role models whose character we should admire and aspire to be like them. From all those noble souls, Isn't there life changing lessons for us to fight the evils of Nafs. We and Karbala have become so much relatable to each other, that themultitude of our sufferings are always compared with the latter. The pressing need of the hour is to change within, only than we can think and talk about other 'Big' issues. There will be no peace and prosperity unless we don't transform ourselves from within. The tragedy of Karbala is replete with lessons, It is my humble effort to share with you following insights, I am sure it can serve as a road map for us to manage our daily struggles and sufferings.

Love For Allah:
Imam Hussain (A.S) and his companions had unconditional love for Allah SWT. They sacrificed everything for His sake. It is this feeling which helped them to achieve oneness (Irfaniyat) with Allah. They attained martyrdom with the flashes of smiles. They were free, fair and fearless. All those things which are permissible and pleasing to Allah can get us closer to Him. When we sincerely pursue them, we attain the freedom from materialistic world. When we fight for Allah's cause, we set ourselves free from fear of death. We least bother about consequences. Without His love, we can never experience divine powers within ourselves. Without His love, we can never have moral courage to challenge what is going wrong. Love for Allah bestows great spiritual strength to stand and strive for righteousness.

It was the loyality of 72 companions which gave Hussain (A.S) impetus to challenge Yazeed and his standing army of thousands. They didn't run for their lives but fought like Knights till the last drop of their blood. Now, take a look at our surroundings, we won't be surprised to find people who back stab their own brothers. People who very often change their colors just for materialistic gains. In Kashmir, loved ones, locals or leaders have become so unreasonable and unreliable, that we have stopped trusting one another. Without loyalty, we can never enjoy amicable relationships.

Even in the middle of the desert when sun was blazing over them, Hussain (A.S) offered water not only to the enemy forces but also helped them to quench thirst of their animals. Since the covid pandemic has struck us very badly both economically and emotionally, is it not the need of the hour, the money that we have saved to be spent on the "Nazru Niyaz" in Muharram, should be utilized for the welfare of the families which have been shattered due to economic strangulation. Won't this kind and quick gesture of ours accomplish the mission of our Imam.

Equality :
In the battle of Karbala, Hussain (A.S) treated his companions with utmost reverence and equality. He treated John who was dark skinned African slave like his own brother. Now spare a thought for your selves, are we not all off springs of Adam and one day everyone of us, has to return to his/her Lord. Where is the concept of equality existing now. Haven't we divided our society into castes and classes. Irony of the fact is, we still claim to be the champions of Imam e Hussain(A.S) mission.

Who else can be so familiar with the adversities than us. In the face of tragedy we look at the Karbala and find our afflictions are very trivial. Karbala inspires us to be courageous. Hussain (A.S) and Jinabi Zainab (S.A) are the ideal examples of patience and character. Their relatives, companions and children were slaughtered before their eyes but still they remained composed and expressed their gratitude to Allah SWT.

Post Ashura, Jinabi Zainab (S.A) along with other prisoners of war were dragged from Karbala to Kufa, Kufa to Sham. All sorts of atrocities were committed on them. The tall ones were hand cuffed and chained with the ones who were smaller in size. They were stoned on the way. Their veils were snatched but the women folk covered their faces with the dust so as to maintain their chastity. Muharrum is not about sartorial splendor. Remember what Jinabi Zainab(S.A) had gone through. You will never become Honorable and valuable unless and until you guard your modesty.

Magnanimity :
Hurr was the enemy commander who prevented thewater access to Hussaini's camp. Night before Ashura, he was so much moved by the nobility and principals of Imam e Hussain (A.S) that he joined him without bothering about his rank, or repercussions. Imam treated him with utmost love and respect. He was one of the first martyrs. Now look at ourselves, we live with grudges and die with grudges. It is never too late to reflect and repent.

Role of Women:
We are incomplete and incompetent without thesupport of women. Hussain (A.S) could never have succeeded in his mission without the support of Lady Zainab (S.A). Empower the women in every sphere of life with appreciation and authority.

Bottom-line :

Let's instil the lessons of Karbala & kindle our hearts with the spirit of Imam Hussain's (A.S) mission by emphasizing on the significance of Amr bil-Ma’roof and Nahi-anil-Munkar (Enjoining good and forbidding the evil).The onus and outcome depends on us If we choose to be the mute spectators of our agonies, for sure we will find a place into the morass of disappointments, disgrace and darkness.

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