End this Injustice

For quite some time equitable development of the State has been the biggest casualty in the state. For devious political objective one region is discriminated against another and one district ignored at the cost of another.  During past two years it has become more than obvious that the state cabinet has failed to dissolve its regional biases and become a cohesive unit. Notwithstanding loud claims about living up to the coalition agenda or the common minimum program the cabinet is not on the same page on most of the issues, and some ministers are dangerously driven by regional considerations- threatening the integrity of the state.  It is not only some cabinet ministers with regional prejudices or the constituency predispositions who have been sowing the seeds of discord between regions and communities but some bureaucrats have also been contributing to it. For over two and half-decades Kashmir province, more particularly Kashmir valley, on the alibi of law and order situation has been denied its due share of development. It is no secret during the six years of the governor's rule in the state, the funds allocated by the central government for reconstruction of bridges and schools destroyed during militancy were by a section of bureaucracy brazenly diverted to Jammu province. In the long chain of cheap tactics divesting Kashmir of due share of allocations and diverting its funds has been the proposal initiated Chaudhary Lal Singh Minister for Forest, Ecology and Environment. In a controversial move the minister has proposed to divert Rupees three Crores for Kashmir under a centrally-sponsored scheme for Wildlife to Jammu region. And spending the same under the under the Compensatory Afforestation Fund Management and Planning Authority (CAMPA) scheme in the region. Interestingly enough again the plea has been taken that these funds could not be utilized in Kashmir due to disturbances. It is the tip of an iceberg, stories of looting funds allocated for Kashmir and spending the same in a couple of Jammu districts are galore. In the interest of the integrity of the state this practice should be stopped forthwith. Given the long winters in Kashmir and hilly areas of Jammu province, it is high time for the Finance Minister to concede to the long pending demand of changing the financial year from March to January and corpus fund in all development departments.    

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