BJP’s resounding victory

The results of the five state elections have come as both contrary to expectations and in line with them. Though political pundits expected BJP to not do well in the polls, the public discourse in the poll bound states tilted in favour of the saffron party.  An objective opinion too seemed to favour the pundits. The reason for this was the recent demonitization which drastically disrupted the lives of people in the country. So, a rational take away from the demonitization fallout was its adverse political fallout for BJP. But as the UP and Uttarakhund outcome would have you believe, the demonitization, on the contrary, has redounded to the benefit of the party. It has only further set off PM's image as a strong leader who is ready to take decisive measures to fight corruption. The majority of Indians have taken the severe inconvenience they suffered in their stride and as a necessary pre-requisite  to rid the country of corruption. Modi has thus once again proved  miles ahead of any rival leader in gauging the public mood and take necessary steps and make required noises to pander to it. However, demonitization alone didn't turn the tide in BJP's favour. The party's essential communal politics also came in handy. More so, in Uttar Pradesh which over the past two and a half decades has been the laboratory for India's sectarian and communal brand of politics. Prime Minister's remarks about Kabristan and Amit Shah's promise of banning slaughterhouses under BJP rule and coining an acronym of KaSaB for Congress, Samajwadi Party and BSP  communalized the situation and worked to BJP's favour. As it has turned out, the majority community seems to have voted against the parties which sought the vote of Muslims. Or to put it differently, the majority community voted against any party in whose favour Muslims voted. Muslims have thus become the bogeymen of Indian politics. And this is both disturbing and dangerous and calls for a deep introspection among the Muslims in the country about redeeming their rights. It has also a lesson for the Muslims in J&K.    

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