The Harsh Reality

The phrase 'Agenda of Alliance' had received wide currency at the time of installation of the PDP-BJP government in the State. The spin-doctors of the two parties had presented it as a magical wand having the power to address all the outstanding political issues and curing all the ills of the state. Loaded with high-flown phrases, talking about working for initiating a dialogue with Pakistan, and starting a sustained dialogue with the voices of dissent, it had generated hope for easing up tension between Indian and Pakistan. The alliance agenda promising return of power projects had also generated hope for revival of economy of this industrially backward state. It also talked about de-notifying disturbed areas which will as a consequence enable the Government of India revoking the draconian Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA) in the state. The Alliance government during three years rule have not even taken a baby step for executing the much-trumpeted agenda. The alliance government continuing to stay in office despite failing to live up to its agenda has not just become a cruel joke but for leaders of the parties slighting each other publicly it also has become a butt of ridicule. A few days back chief minister, Mehbooba Mufti at a seminar on counter militancy in New Delhi had batted for revocation of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act (AFSPA). True, she reiterated this demand after a long pause when her brother is contesting the election from the Anantnag Parliamentary constituency. Nevertheless, she was not wrong in stating that the PDP and BJP had tied up only after agreeing on a few agendas, including revocation of the dreadful 'lawless law' that gives blanket powers to the force 'to arrest and fire at people', with impunity. During 2016 uprising, over hundred teenagers were killed, hundreds of children blinded, and thousands of others injured. The losses would not have been of such a magnitude had the AFSPA been revoked. Intriguingly, the chief minister was snubbed on demanding revoking the Act by none other than top BJP leader Ram Madhav- the author and architect of the alliance agreement. The harsh reality is that so far the arrangement has not been working to the advantage of people of the state on any front. 

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