When will this menace end

How many times do we have to remind the authorities that it is putting the lives of ordinary people at risk. But in this unfortunate land of ours who cares, especially when it comes to humans. The stray dogs continue to rule the roost in Kashmir as the authorities sleep over the High Court direction seeking construction of dog ponds. The court directed the government in 2011 to provide funds for the ponds. The Municipal Authorities were further directed to complete the task within four weeks. The court also directed the authorities concerned to start sterilization programme in a phased manner after the canines were shifted to these ponds. However, till date nothing has moved and the dogs continue to test the efficiency of their canines on vulnerable population. It has been found that 300 people are attacked by dogs every month and so far dozens have lost their lives which include a good number of infants and school going children. Though the municipal authorities claim of having brought the situation under control but the ground realities suggest that the threat from stray dogs is as severe as it was in May 2012 when the government first started sterilization of stray dogs. The action taken remains confined to transporting the dogs from one locality to another. Reports from some rural areas suggest that the dogs that attacked the school going children last year were brought in a truck from some area. Four years ago, senior citizens of Srinagar discussed the problem and threatened direct action in case the authorities did not take action within a stipulated time. But as the time passed, the senior citizens forgot the issue and so did the authorities. There is need to get serious on the issue. The municipality, it has been reliably learnt, had spent a hefty sum on purchase of poison for killing the canines. The poison must have expired in the municipal stores by now. The authorities must wake up now. According to experts, only five thousand dogs are needed in Srinagar city for scavenging. But the number is way higher than this. And it's a huge number, and a huge threat to people.  

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