Wake up now

Everybody in Kashmir is concerned over growing waywardness, but nobody offers any solution. The Imams deliver sermons on Fridays and the people get serious for a while. But the seriousness fades away the moment they come out of the mosques. The society has so changed that it doesn't sees harm in acts considered vice in the days bygone. People have to wake up, and some tangible measures need to be taken before it is too late. The parents have to keep watch on the wards. If children displays a costly cell phone, the parents must ask how they got it. Similarly if they walk in with a costly gift, an explanation must be sought. Similarly, parents must keep an eye on the boys. Their clothes and bags need to be checked regularly for drugs and other detested material. Parents must pay occasional visits to the educational institutions and enquire about the conduct of their wards. Unauthorised absence from the class, or tuition centres, must be taken note of. Some quarters have blamed agencies for promoting waywardness in Kashmir with a purpose. Without contesting the veracity of such claims, it needs to be made clear that the upbringing plays a vital role in character building. If the children are left on their own, they will do what no parent would approve of. Freedom is good but unlimited freedom is an evil. In the name of advancement or modernity, parents cannot, rather should not forget their responsibilities. No agency shall succeed in polluting the minds of children unless the parents wittingly or unwittingly allow it. The irony is that the parents watch their grown up children act improperly before total strangers in marriage parties and other occasions. This reflects that the society has crossed all the limits and the doom is round the corner. However, it is never too late to do the damage control.

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