Dispelling the war clouds

What happens on the frontiers of a country finally returns to the centre. This is amply demonstrated by the history of nations and states. The fire that is raging on the LoC, if not doused in time, has the potential of conflagration, consuming in the process the core of the two countries involved. Isn't this a fact that the two countries have fought wars on multiple occasions. Then also, wars were no less devastating. Then also thousands of lives were consumed, and the entire population of the regions suffered as an aftermath. Going by the history of the two countries, and the deep founts of hostility that exist here, the region can any time be engulfed by the monstrous flames of war. And what does that mean! It means that millions of lives are potentially in danger. Let us put this question to the civilian and military leadership of both the countries that whose responsibility is it to save the region from any war, or war like situation. The responsibility falls on the shoulders of both the countries. If the LoC is raging for two weeks now, and many lives have already been lost, it is time to get the defence mechanism activated. The entire world knows that despite a long history of hostility, the two countries have a mechanism of engagement in place. It is a matter of political will, and institutional efficiency, to unleash the mechanism of engagement and calm the Line down. If an irresponsible behaviour continues from any side, or both the sides, in terms of issuing belligerent statements, it can any time go out of hand. That is the reason why the international community, UN included, have always been alert to what happens on this Line. If the two countries feel that transnational institutions can help de-escalate the situation, let them mobilise the required channels. And that first and final question to the leadership of both the countries. For how long are the people of this region going to live in this atmosphere of hostility and belligerence. Isn't there an end to this!  

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