SMC to resume awareness campaign on scientific disposal of waste

SMC to resume awareness campaign on scientific disposal of waste
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Srinagar Municipal Corporation (SMC) Friday decided to resume awareness campaign on solid waste management after the administration eased the COVID19 restrictions last week.

The SMC has hired local youth who have been engaged and trained as "Information, Education and Communication" partners for the campaign.

"These youth will visit different municipal wards every day to educate people on solid waste management while following the COVID19 guidelines. Their job will focus on educating people about need and importance of segregating wastes at the source," said SMC Commissioner Gazanfar Ali.

He said the youth would also impart training to people on how to segregate the organic (degradable) and inorganic (non-biodegradable) waste

Many youth were already engaged by the SMC prior to COVID19 lockdown in different municipal wards with an aim to bring "behavioral change among people."

The campaign was aimed at bringing behavioral changes at three critical levels with respect to solid waste management, said the Commissioner.

These levels are, collection, segregation and treatment of waste at the household level; collection, segregation and treatment of waste at community level, and collection, segregation, transportation, treatment and final disposal of waste at the SMC level.

The Corporation Secretary, Akbar Sofi said the trained youth combines suitable strategies and methods which motivate and enable individuals, families, groups, organizations and communities to play active roles in achieving, protecting and sustaining the desired behavioral changes.

He said the youth carry out the activities including awareness about the importance of segregation at source, reuse and recycle of waste and awareness about adverse impact of unscientific disposal of waste on health.

Solid Waste Management rules stresses on disposing of bio-degradable and non-biodegradable waste in segregation. Under these rules, segregation of waste at source has been declared important process as it aims at solving waste management problem.

Meanwhile, the SMC media incharge Masrat Yusuf said the Commissioner Friday convened a meeting to take review of Swachh Bharat Mission progress.

"All the components of Swachh Bharat Mission including solid waste management and IEC were discussed at length," she said.

"The Commissioner stressed on organizing innovative and effective awareness programmes so that people are motivated for adoption of waste segregation at household level," she said.

Yusuf said Commissioner directed a team of engineers to conduct a survey of public toilets to check whether they were in complete sanitary state before reopening them for public use.

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