Mughal Road shut again
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Mughal Road shut again

Fresh snowfall on Monday resulted in the closure of historic Mughal Road as well as DKG road of Rajouri. Traffic police authorities informed that on Monday wee hours, fresh snowfall started in Mughal Road area which caused closure of the road.

"Presently there is around one foot of snow near Pir Ki Gali pass which has completely blocked the road," an official informed.

Snowfall has also started in Chandimarh village with four inches of snow at Poshana army check-post from where the road stands closed for further travel.

The Mughal Road was restored for traffic last Monday after a gap of four days as it got closed earlier due to snowfall.

The DKG road link between Thanamandi sub-division of Rajouri and Surankote sub-division of Poonch, which also acts as an approach road to Mughal Road, is also closed for traffic.

Police authorities said that snowfall started at DKG top on Monday afternoon and presently there is around three to four inches of snowfall.

"The road has been closed from Manyal Gali onwards up to Bufliyaz," said a police officer from Thanamandi sub-division.

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