A Regional Perspective

As Kashmir is on boil and the two countries, India and Pakistan, have again entered into a diplomatic contest over the issue, it's time that the issues are dealt with in a wholistic manner. For past almost seven decades we have seen that the two countries have locked horns with each other in all possible manners, be it at the bilateral level, regional level, or international level. And not just on all these levels, we have seen military confrontations as well. This has been a drain on the resources of both the countries, and it has also affected their domestic politics in an adverse way. The human cost of this issue has been immense. Beyond Indo-Pak, this issue has consequences for the entire region, called South Asia. The acrimonious relations between the two countries, that form the core of South Asia, have impinged adversely on any prospects of regional cooperation. Needless to say that the region has tremendous human and material resource, and if all the countries forge a unity in terms of developing this region, by relaxing the borders, and opening up new avenues of movement for trade and peoples, the region can prosper. This enhanced exchange can diffuse tensions, and hew new paths for development. The political analysts who have an eye on this region believe that if India and Pakistan are able to overcome their differences the real potential of this region can be unleashed. Keeping this in view it's time that the inter-governmental regional body, SAARC, persuades the two countries to engage on all the issues and pave way for a broader regional cooperation. Looking at the situation in Kashmir, it is high time that states are made more responsible in dealing with such questions, and a pro active approach is adopted to solve the long pending problems. The political leaders in all the countries of the region must take into account the potential of this problem in terms of destabilising the entire region. So it's the responsibility of the governments of all these countries to collectively try and find a peaceful solution to all problems afflicting this region. 

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