Another Life Lost

The agony of Kashmir persists.The men in uniform continue to have unbridled powers. The innocents continue to be targeted. So far no chief executive of the state has lived up to his high flown rhetoric in giving a sense of security to the people of this State. On Saturday, when Narendra Modi announced that he had unzipped his purse for the execution of some ongoing projects in the State and for providing some succour to the sagging economy of the state one more youth was killed in cold blood. Gowhar Ahmed Dar 22, a computer engineering student with a very good academic track record was fired upon by the forces in the 'head from a close range.'  though the police has contradicted the statement that the youth was killed by a bullet,  nevertheless, it admitted that a teargas shell fired by the CRPF had hit his head. For covering up the facts, the issuance of the contradictory statements by the paramilitary force about the incident is not something new. It only speaks of the mindset of being outside the pale of law. For past twenty five years the state government has been ritualistically appointing commissions or ordering a magisterial inquiry for probing killings by the troops. Most of the commissions died much before they could conclude the inquiries. Even if an inquiry was conducted and concluded the delinquent personnel were never punished. This callous attitude adopted by the government has emboldened the troops in the state to kill people for a sport.  Had the various governments in the state shown courage by withdrawing laws that provide impunity to the troops, the incidents like killing of Gowhar would have become a rarity. For their being the head of Unified Command, none of the chief executives can escape the responsibility for the killings of innocents, and also other human rights violations in the state. For disciplining troops, it is high time to withdraw all the laws that provide impunity to aberrant troops.                     

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