Cyber attack cripples PDD web platforms

Bill Sahuliyat app, other online services defunct
Cyber attack cripples PDD web platforms

The cyber attack on Power department has crippled its online platforms rendering online billing app 'PDD bill Sahuliyat' and other online services defunct, officials said

The hacking of the PDD data center located at Bemina took place on 24 June in the morning. "The malware attack majorly infected four servers out on 55 that are located in Kashmir data center. Our website and online bill payment has been rendered defunct due to the attack. In order to protect the data in remaining servers, we isolated the infected servers.

"In addition to our billing and website, we are unable to provide connections via online mode as our web platforms are down and it may take over a week for complete restoration," an official said.

The official said that a team from IT giant WIPRO is on restoration job.

He said that all the precautions have been taken by the IT team to counter the spread of malware. "We cannot go online till we are sure that there is no malware in our servers," he said.

The PDD has around 110 servers in J&K out of which 55 are in Kashmir's Bemina data center.

When contacted, Chief Executive Office for IT, Power Department, Shurjeel Lala maintained that the user data is safe since their IT team isolated the infected servers promptly. He said the restoration work is on by the team of IT experts.

"We also filed a complaint in the Cyber Police Station Srinagar regarding the matter. We have also closed the communication lines to the infected servers to make sure that the data is safe and there is no further hacking."

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