D H Pulwama declared COVID Care Hospital

With surge in COVID-19 cases the District Hospital Pulwama has been declared COVID Care Hospital.

All other facilities including gynaecology have been shifted to a private hospital in the district.

As per the official details, there are 85 COVID-29 patients admitted in the hospital with all of them kept on oxygen supply as all of them have pneumonia.

According to DrGowhar, who is incharge COVID Care in the hospital, the facility was designated COVID Care Hospital by the orders of the Director Health.

“We have declared the facility as COVID Care Hospital as the number of COVID-19 cases is increasing at a very fast speed,” DrGowhar said.

“All of these patients are on oxygen supply with all of then having pneumonia,” he said adding that the increasing number of patients was alarming.

DrGowhar said that the OPD had been closed and all the important facilities including gynaecology and pediatric wards shifted to Muhammadia Nursing Home where all surgeries would be conducted.

A Heath Officer said that people had been asked yo avail all other important facilities from other PHCs and sub district hospitals.

Five people died of COVID-19 in the hospital in last two weeks while 165 COVID-19 patients were admitted and 70 had recovered in the hospital.

The hospital management urged the people to avoid visiting the facility and prefer to stay indoors.

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