Decision on pellet gun

The government of India has formed a committee to review the use of pellet guns in Kashmir. The committee is supposed to submit its report in two months. As a matter of principle the use of the deadly gun should have been stopped the day the committee was formed. But its use continues to this day. Meanwhile, taking cognizance of a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) preferred by the Jammu Kashmir High Court Bar Association Srinagar, the High Court has put the union and the state governments on notice. But who has to take the final decision on the use of pellet guns? Law and order is the prerogative of the state government. The state government has to pay a hefty sum for maintenance of law and order. The Chief Minister of the state chairs the Unified Command meetings where vital decisions about restoration of peace and order are taken. The Chief Minister also happens to be the Home Minister of the state and as such she should have taken the decision. The union government had no role to play in it. By accepting the committee formed by the union government, the state government has further allowed New Delhi to erode state's autonomy. The Chief Minister can take a decision even now notwithstanding the committee of the union government and the PIL pending adjudication in the High Court. Legal experts believe that the PIL shall have no bearing on the decision of the state government. It is the state government that has to take a decision on the release of political prisoners. There is no denying the fact that the coalition partner has to be kept in good humour but at times a stand has to be taken for the overall good of the people and the state. The Chief Minister has to act now to prevent the situation from deteriorating further. The Union Home Minister after his visit to the Valley directed the armed forces not to use the pellet gun but the order was not carried out. People continue to lose their eyes to the pellets. Will the Chief Minister show courage and rise to the occasion?  

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