Delay in undergraduate results: KU puts blame on colleges

‘Colleges have not submitted practical awards of their students’
Delay in undergraduate results: KU puts blame on colleges

The Kashmir University (KU) has put the blame on degree colleges for delaying the results of students pursuing undergraduate courses.

An official said the colleges delay the evaluation of answerscripts and submission of internal practical awards of the students to theKashmir University which ultimately results in delayed declaration of results.

"In every aspect there is delay from degree colleges. Wehave repeatedly conveyed it to them through various means," said controllerexamination KU, Prof Farooq Ahmad Mir.

The University has also issued a notice to 31 degreecolleges for not submitting the award sheets of the students who appeared inregular first semester 2018 batch and backlog 2016 batch of students.

"These colleges have not submitted pending practical awardsof their students in spite of repeated reminders resulting in delay in thedeclaration of the result," reads the notice.

Earlier, the KU has censured degree colleges for delayingthe evaluation of answer scripts of students and submission of internal practicalawards. The delay in submission of practical sheets of students by colleges hasin past resulted in discrepancies in the results announced by KU.

Following the delay by colleges, the KU administration haddirected the college principals not to engage any contractual faculty member inevaluation and conduct of internal practical exams.

Controller examination said they disburse a huge amount ofmoney for evaluators. "This year KU administration has released Rs 45 lakhs fordistribution among evaluators," he said.

About the measures to complete the evaluation of papers in atime bound manner, Prof. Mir said they engaged all the colleges in evaluationprocess to get the process completed.

The KU has already uploaded the result status of UG firstsemester, (Regular Batch – 2018) and (Backlog Batch – 2016) on varsity website.However, the formal announcement has got delayed due to delay in submission ofawards sheets by colleges.

"The principals of the degree colleges were time and againrequested to submit pending practical awards and absentee list of the studentsenrolled in their colleges. In spite of the constant reminders, there are stillsome principal who have not submitted practical awards and list of absentstudents which has resulted in the delay in the formal declaration of theresult," reads the notice issued by the controller examination KU.

The KU has also warned the college professors of initiatingdepartmental action for delaying the submission of awards sheets.

"Any award submitted after the declaration of the resultwill be forwarded to the higher education department for administrative actionagainst the concerned teacher," reads the notice.

The principals who have not submitted practical awards andabsentee list have been asked to submit it up to July 31.

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