Friday Focus; Evil: metaphor of wrongdoers

The lot, which rejects Allah’s signs and wrong themselves, fall into a state of evil; it becomes their metaphor, as enshrined:

The lot, which rejects Allah's signs and wrong themselves, fall into a state of evil; it becomes their metaphor, as enshrined:

''Evil is the metaphor of people who reject Our signs and wrong themselves'' (7: 177)

Whosoever is guided by Allah stays guided; while as whoever is led astray is the loser. The Holy Verse following the one quoted above marks the ones guided and the ones led astray:

''Whomever God guides in the guided one, and whomever He sends astray, these are the losers'' (7:178)

It could be thus inferred that the ones the God guides accede to His signs, while the ones God sends astray are the losers, as they do not accede to His signs, which stay manifest in nature. One only has to stay alert to imbibe these signs, so that they sink and become a part of the being. Short of it, one is bound to be led astray and become the loser, in the sense that he loses his soul. They become hell dwellers:

''We have destined for hell multitudes of jinn and humans. They have hearts which they do not understand. They have eyes with which they do not see. They have ears with which they do not hear. These are like cattle. In fact, they are further astray. These are the heedless'' (7:179)

Hell is destined for the ones He sends astray, as they reject His signs and do not accede to what Allah clearly manifests through multiple signs. Physically they stay endowed with the heart, but in the spiritual sense, it is a heart which does not understand and perceive the signs which only a caring heart can read and imbibe. Similarly, they have eyes, but eyes that stay blind to realities of nature, as also the ears, which cannot hear the call of the nature. These are like cattle, as they stay devoid of finer senses.  They are further astray, as they do not heed the signs, which are glaringly manifest. They are marked as heedless.      

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