Friday Focus: Nutrients: Gift of the Nature

Nutrients are a gift of nature.
Friday Focus: Nutrients: Gift of the Nature
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Nutrients are a gift of nature. The earth holds in its bosom, nutrients of value to sustain God's creation. The dead earth is brought alive by water from the sky, as enshrined:

''God sends down the water from the sky, with which He revives the earth after its death. In this is a sign for people who listen'' (16:65)

The water which pours down from the sky brings it alive, so as to provide the foliage—the greenery, the vegetation, the undergrowth, and the nutrients for human consumption. Staying tuned and listening reveals the mysteries of nature, its operative procedure. In staying tuned is a lesson for people who listen.

The nutritive provisions are not restricted to the produce of the earth. From cattle to plants and bees, the nutritive provision has varied forms:

''And there is a lesson for you in cattle; We give you a drink from their bellies, from between waste and blood, pure milk, refreshing to drinkers'' (16:66)

There is a lesson even in what the cattle provide. As God Wills, cattle offer food from what is in their bellies. The nutrient provided in the form of milk is a refreshing beverage for those, who drink it. It is yet another gift from nature.

The gifts of nature manifest, yet again in the form of date-palms and grapevines:

''And from the fruits of date-palms and grapevines, you derive sugar and wholesome food. In this is a sign for people who understand'' (16:67)

There is no end to what God in His infinite mercy provides, making ample provision for His creation. It is God, Who provides inspiration to bees to set-up hives:

''And your Lord inspired the bee: Set up hives in the mountains, and in the trees, and in what they construct''   (16:67)

Bees produce honey, a nutrient of immense value. 

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