Friday Focus: Staff of Moses

As and when Moses (Hazrat Musa A.
Friday Focus: Staff of Moses

As and when Moses (Hazrat Musa A.S) reached the Divine Domain, he was asked, what is in your right hand:

And what is that in your right-hand, O Moses? (20:17)

Moses was put this question on Mount Sanai, where he saw the Divine Light and got Divine Commandments. He answered: 

He said, "This is my staff. I lean on it, and herd my sheep with it, and I have other uses for it." (20:18)

Prophets of People of the Book (Ahl-e-Kitab) were destined to be shepherds, which as per the events that followed was the training ground for shepherding the flock of their followers on being entrusted with Prophethood. The staff of Moses (Ase-e-Musa) with which he would herd his flock was to develop in time other uses as per the divine command. 

The flock of Moses–the Hebrews, known also as Israelites (Beni Israel: Israel being one of the attributes of Jacob [Hazrat Yaqub A.S]) were subjects of Pharaoh. Living under tyrannical rule, and facing harsh conditions, they developed traits subject people are prone to.   

They tend to be collaborators in order to save their skin, and in the fond hope that they would escape from what befalls their compatriots. Moses was being acquainted with all that he needed to know of the difficulties, he might face, while rescuing his people from Pharaonic bondage. He was provided a blueprint of the path he had to tread, with his staff provided with all that he needed to defend himself with.  Some scholars take it to be in the allegorical sense of herding the flock of his followers with deftness, and keeping his flock in line with his staff, so as to avoid any transgression of divine laws. His staff could have the normal use of herding the flock of his followers, as well as the disciplining force.

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