Meeting Healthcare Emergencies

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As the Srinagar-Jammu road remains in a bad condition, there are concerns that surface up. One of the major concerns is the regular supply of medicines and other healthcare related things. This is particularly alarming in case of the life saving drugs. There are certain drugs which if not administered in time and at regular intervals can cause serious damage to the person, even result in death. So it is crucial to take stock of this situation and ensure that no lives are damaged, or lost, because of any shortage in the supply of drugs, and other healthcare related equipment. In this regard it is heartening that the meeting of Chemists & Druggists Association with the Div Com has made it known to the people that there is no dearth of drugs, and these can last for more time. Even the drugs like insulin are in enough supplies, and the stocks can meet any eventually. At least in this case we have reason to feel relaxed. Nevertheless there is a lesson to be learnt in this. The lesson is that we can anytime face such crisis, given the vagaries of weather and hence need to have structures in place, within government and also in the relevant civil society quarters to face any such crisis. These is also a need to widen this concern and include areas that are far flung and face difficulties in transporting the patients to Srinagar or any other district headquarter. In these areas do we have sufficient supply of drugs? And do we have arrangements in place for transporting serious cases to tertiary care hospitals? Right now there are many areas not so far away from the city, or any major healthcare facility, but are effectively cut off because of snow banked on roads. The administration should also look into that matter with the required urgency. There is a considerable population living in these peripheral areas. Something significant need to be done for this population. And yes, we shouldn't forget those who are stranded on Jammu-Srinagar highway, and need healthcare support. After all they are vulnerable to sickness. Has this administration done anything so far for those who fall ill on this road where they have nowhere to go.

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