Mockery of a drill!!

After 2014 floods that barely left us alive to tell the tale, much has been written, filmed, and documented about the disaster. What leaps out to the eye is that we are still to take any lessons form the disaster. It is an established human experience that sufferings teach lessons, and humans are better off in future if they take the lessons home. But in our case it is the exact reverse. We didn't learn how to save our city, towns, villages, and commercial centres. What we did afterwards is enough to suggest that we made it sure that next time when it hits us, God forbid, we don't live to tell the tale. This is the month we witnessed the worst in 2014. In this backdrop learning that 'for effective flood mitigation plan, divisional commissioner Kashmir Baseer Ahmad Khan today directed deputy commissioner Srinagar to conduct disaster management mock drills especially related to floods in the summer capital', is worth noticing. It is a common knowledge that those who fail to plan, plan to fail. This fits so well to us, but with a difference. We don't simply fail to plan, we act to fail. The kind of activities we did, in terms of constructions, and choking of further spaces, in nothing but a standing invitation to disaster. The manner government officials looked the other way when gross violation were committed is enough to pave the way for another, and bigger, disaster. So while the administration is asked to make mock drills, the message can be whispered to them that there is much to do actually right now. The constructions coming up, or already completed, announce a danger; what have you done, or plan to do? The flood spill channel is a weak defence now, as its carrying capacity is way below required; what have you done, or plan to do? The dredging of Jhelum, we are told, wasn't done the required way. The embankments are vulnerable at many places. The water bodies that would hold water in times of flood, are choked, or have completely disappeared. The level of roads is inching up as you tar them every year, turning the residential compounds into bowls waiting to be filled with spilled over water. If this is the case and you are doing nothing about all this, the idea of mock drills is a nice way to amuse yourself.

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