Nadwa, Deoband issue advisory for Ramadan

Nadwa, Deoband issue advisory for Ramadan
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The Darul Uloom Nadwatul Ulama, a well-known Islamic seminary in Lucknow has issued an advisory to maintain social distancing during the holy month of Ramdan.

The Deoband seminary has also issued a similar advisory forthe month of Ramzan.

Maulana Saeed-ur-Rahman, principal of the Nadwatul seminary,has advised Muslims not to hold congregational 'iftars' at mosques, but askedthem to break their fast at home.

The 10-point advisory also asks Muslims not to offer'taraweeh' (elaborate namaz offered by Muslims) at mosques, but at home.Muslims should also maintain social distancing at mosques and not more thanfive people should be present at a time, the advisory said.

Also, people have been asked not hold Iftar parties, butinstead give money in charity. Special prayers should be held for the end ofcoronavirus pandemic, both during 'sehri' and 'iftar'.

Faizan Nagrami, public relations officer, Darul Uloom NadwatulUlama, also said since those studying at madrasas have been unable to go homebecause of the lockdown, people can provide aid through online or chequetransaction.

A similar advisory was earlier issued by the Islamic Centreof India, which asked Muslims to stay indoors and maintain social distancingduring Ramdan.

Meanwhile, the Darul Uloom Deoband, the well-known Islamicseminary, has also issued guidelines for observing the holy month.

Maulana QariIshaq Gora of Deoband has said that the holymonth of Ramdan is likely to begin from April 25.

"In this case, it is advised that people observe roza(fast) and do iftar (meal to break the fast) in the evenings at their homes.There should be no congregational prayers in the mosque but only at homes. Onlythose who stay or are staying at a mosque should pray there and that too whilemaintaining adequate social distance," said the Maulana.

The cleric has asked people to fast as is mandatory in Islamand to pray for the end of the pandemic, during the month of worship.

The advisory says that those who used to arrange for iftarfor the poor and needy persons at the mosque, should continue to do so thisyear as well but the food should be distributed to the needy.

"Those who conducted Iftar parties in Ramzan shouldgive the money kept for it in charity. Not more than five people should bepresent at any time at a mosque," the cleric added.

The cleric said that the advisory for the Eid prayers wouldbe issued later.Earlier, both, Shia and Sunni clerics haveappealed to the people to stay indoors and pray during Ramzan and ensure fullcompliance of the lockdown during this period.

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