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BJP leader Ram Madhav and the party's Kashmir point man has favoured tough action to control the current unrest in Kashmir. But at the same time, Madhav once again made it clear that the centre doesn't seek a political solution to Kashmir, not willing even to consider autonomy. According to BJP leader "there is enough freedom and enough laws to help the state". Earlier, in a speech, Madhav termed the talk of a political solution to Kashmir romantic in nature. "Political solution is simple and final that J&K is an integral part of India," Madhav said. The BJP leader's statements are at variance with the ongoing political efforts to address the  crisis in Kashmir, which included the recent visit of the All party delegation to the state. Madhav's thinking on the state apparently also runs athwart of the Prime Minister Narendra  Modi's assurance of a "permanent political solution to Jammu and Kashmir within the framework of the constitution". The signal that this has sent to Kashmir is not helpful. If anything, Madhav's reiteration of the BJP's ideological stand on Kashmir has threatened to reduce the ongoing exercises to engage the people of the state to a farce. For it once gain reminds the people that the centre's initiatives in the state are an expedient tool to create a perception of a political engagement until peace returns. A senior BJP leader is denuding the exercise of even the pretension of being a political process.  Any wonder then that the centre's recent overtures to Kashmir have so far found no takers among the "stakeholders" who hold key to resolving the current crisis. Around 80 people have so far died, several hundred have been blinded and the thousands others injured in a continuous cycle of protests and killings.  And the cycle is likely to continue if the centre doesn't wake up to the gravity of the situation. As of now, by exposing the feeble political outreaches as nothing more than optics, the only option that the government has left itself to tide over the ongoing uprising is to use even more force to crush it, leading to more killings and blindings. This approach didn't resolve anything in Kashmir for the past 70 years and this won't resolve anything now.

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