Our frozen turbulences

Our frozen turbulences
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An extended cold wave has gripped Kashmir, and the grip is severe. Past few nights have been particularly freezing. The temperature has dipped well below zero, and the forecast has it that it will continue for some time more. Though the place is used to cold in this season, but these days it is more biting that usual – so more hardships for people. The point is not about the geography and climate, but about governance and society. The climate and weather don't make any difference between rich and poor, rural and urban, young and old. It visits all, hits all. The point for us as a society is that poor and old are worst sufferers of this situation. The older people need more care in our families. If they move outside, for some urgency, the younger ones must extend a helping hand. We must prefer them over us at every public place. If the older people are subjected to more outdoor activity, chances are they might hurt themselves. So it is our duty to act as a first line of defence for them by being a vigilant support to them. On the count of governance there is need to take stock of our overall network of public facilities, and note down the areas that want immediate and long term attention. The availability of basic amenities in this situation is extremely important. Water supply, electricity, and healthcare facilities are extremely important in winters. Unfortunately we have been lagging far behind in this. Despite a sprawling infrastructure, and a huge human resource in our healthcare sector, we don't seem to utilise it to optimum level. The result is that the people, especially poor and the ones living in far off areas, are worst victims. Now take our roads – in case of a snowfall how difficult it becomes needs no explanation. In this case either the worst sufferers are the people living in far flung areas. The most we need in the times of cold is electricity. And the the least that we have is the electricity. About this we have been writing, talking, gossiping, and protesting: but the darkness continues.

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