Poor healthcare facilities hit patient care in Kupwara

Poor healthcare facilities hit patient care in Kupwara

People in north Kashmir's Kupwara district are suffering for want of adequate healthcare facilities in government sector, locals today complained.

They said the dearth of doctors, unavailability of medicine,absence of key-medical procedures and decrepit infrastructure in the governmenthealth facilities in the district are giving tough time to the people.

Kupwara has two district hospital, six sub-districthospital, 31 primary health centers, eight allopathic dispensary, 41 medicalaid centers, 154 sub-centers and one district TB Centre.

"The district hospital Kupwara is only present on the signboard. Actually it is working as a Common Health Centre (CHC) as per thefacilities provided by the government to this medical facility," said anofficial in the hospital.

He said the doctors are sanctioned as per the CHC allotment."Similar is the case with the sanctioning of the medicine, medical staff, fundsand other things."

A doctor at the SDH Kupwara said they were getting referredpatients from three SDHs and even now from the District Hospital Handwara onlyto refer them again to Srinagar "as we don't have 24/7 theatre facility here."

More than two thousands patients have been referred toSrinagar hospitals from DH Kupwara in one last year, reveals an officialdocument.  

The SDHs in Kupwara district are going through variousissues. Some, according to sources, are craving for infrastructure, others havedearth of medical staff and doctors.

"Every SDH is facing some issues which remain unresolvedthroughout these years," an official said.

"There is only one room for dental sanction in DH Kupwaraand SDH Kralpora. Outside the hospital many dental clinics are operated bydental assistants."

The Primary Health Centre (PHC) in Keran is running fromthree rooms which remain cut off for more than five months, two MBBS, two ISMdoctors and five medical staff posted there are providing health care withoutbasic facilities available.

Deputy Commissioner Kupwara Anshul Garg said, "I assure youthat the issues coming under the district level will be resolved as soon aspossible."

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