Prescribing School Books

The education minister has triggered yet another controversy by asking the private schools to adopt the books published by the Board of School Education [BOSE] for lower classes. He has further stated that examinations for all he lower classes shall be held by the DIET. The private schools have been asked to take appropriate measures. The private schools have responded by rejecting the order for a host of reasons. They have made clear that the books published by the BOSE are below standard, and in many cases defeat the very purpose upgrading the standard of education. According to them, adopting the BOSE books will amount to compromising on the quality of education. Further, the session has already commenced and the students have purchased new books. The idea of the education minister may be good but the way he wants to implement it on private schools is arbitrary. It is a policy decision and should be taken after taking the experts and all the stake holders, including the parents who strive hard to give better education to their children, into confidence. The decision, therefore, cannot be implemented in a hurry. There are other measures to be taken to streamline and upgrade the education system. It has been stated time and again that the worn out system of education doesn't yield much. The only concern of the students is to pass the examination somehow. They memorise a few questions and sit in the examination. The system, therefore, is producing illiterates with degrees. There are other ways of examining the level and skills of a student. Let us widen the scope of education, and also diversify the methods of scaling the merit. Time has come when the students have to come out of the classrooms to work in the field. This will take time. There is absolutely no need of rushing through the process. The process can be initiated by identifying the experts if the education minister is serious about it. Imposing decisions on a reluctant stake holder is not a nice idea.

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