Return of power projects

The Prime Minister assured total support to the Chief Minister and expressed happiness over her performance during a recent meeting in New Delhi. The Chief Minister is also hopeful of some confidence building measures which may be announced shortly. The time, therefore, is ripe enough to seek return of power projects to the state. This has been a long pending demand of the civil society and will go a long way in economic development of the state. The civil society has repeatedly conveyed its intense dismay to Government of India against massive exploitation of water resources of the state by NHPC without having any regard for basic power requirements of the people in the state. It is unacceptable to the people of Jammu Kashmir to see power produced from their waters being supplied to other states while leaving them high and dry during severe winter chill in Kashmir and scotching summer heat in Jammu region. It has been made amply clear that the supply of 150 MW of power from central pool was not required. The people don't want alms and charity from the GOI but immediate return of power projects from the "illegal and unconstitutional" control of NHPC. The state presently needs 2600 MWs of power for its basic domestic and commercial purposes that could easily be made up if all the projects from NHPC are returned to it forthwith. It is a cruel irony that a power potential state is forced to fulfil its power requirements by purchasing it for more than 4000 crores annually. During past over six decades GOI has never helped the state in harnessing its hydro-power potential. Instead it even declined to give counter guarantee to the foreign banks that had offered loan at bare minimum interest rate to the state for execution of Bhagliar power project. This demand for return of the project shall evoke support from all the regions of the state. The Chief Minister, therefore, must consider the proposal seriously and take appropriate measures for return of the power projects.

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