Simplifying Services

The relationship between a citizen and a government is fast changing. Not to talk of the developed West, even the less developed countries in the East are catching up with the Western world in the matters of easing out the processes of governance. Though the colonial hangover hasn't completely dispersed, but it has surely mitigated over the years. The processes of governance that used to be very severe and tedious are now becoming easy and uncomplicated. What gave flip to this project of easing out governance processes is the mind boggling progress in the Information and communication technology. Ever since computers appeared in our government offices the government data became more organised and easily accessible. The tomes of paper files are now replaced by neat electronic data and this data can be made available to all, and everywhere. That is how different services could become easier, and faster. The news that government further simplified the passport services must be seen in this perspective. It is a great relief to those millions of citizens that face difficulties in getting this crucial document. Pertinent to mention that we have more mobile population now than before because of the liberalisation of economy and upgradation of travel facilities. So more people apply for passports. This entails speeding up of the documentation processes. For this, if the government has announced certain things and more are expected, it is a welcome step. It's also an occasion to take a look at how other government offices are working on this count. There should be an audit of various government officers on their willingness and efficiency in these matters. How much they have made it easier to render a service, and how much they have allowed the technology to replace the age old drudgery. Unfortunately in our state we don't find things happening on this count. The need of the hour is to put pressure on government institutions like, Board of School Education ( BOSE), Kashmir University and other such institutions to make processes smooth, straight, and swift.  

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